Technologies come and go, but mathematics is eternal. Some of the formulas and logic that run computers today, for example, have been around for thousands of years. Beyond the familiar and precise terms and formulas of algebra, geometry and calculus lies the realm of "pure" mathematics, a creative environment where you can delve into the infinite and discover concepts yet to be considered. Mathematics is the foundation upon which the other sciences are built.

Play in our toybox.

Step into our Internet-connected computing laboratories: a 40-seat modeling lab, biomathematics lab, computational labs with graphics terminals, projects labs and a mathematics education lab.

The right blend of theory and application.

As a math major at Marquette, you'll explore the creative side of mathematics like statistics or pure mathematics, and progressive areas like dynamic systems, mathematical modeling and other applied topics. In any combination of courses you choose, you will also learn how to apply mathematics to solve real-world problems in areas such as population dynamics, economic prediction and schedule optimization.

Become fluent in math and other languages (like English).

Marquette's unique University Core of Common Studies, with its focus on literature, composition, humanities and the basic sciences, ensures that you'll be a mathematician who not only knows the answers, but can articulate them with eloquence and translate them to other fields.

A perfect pair.

The design of the math major makes it the perfect fit for a student with multiple interests like biomathematics, biological sciences, computer science, economics or engineering.

Tap into a vast network.

Our professors continue their relationships with math alumni long after graduation. This network helps current students get internships and new graduates get jobs.

Suggested curriculum

Major courses are bolded.


  • Calculus I & II
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • UCCS - Rhetoric and Composition I & II
  • UCCS - Histories of Cultures and Societies*
  • UCCS - Individual and Social Behavior*
  • Elective


  • Calculus III
  • Foundations of Mathematics
  • Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
  • UCCS - Philosophy of Human Nature
  • UCCS - Literature/Performing Arts*
  • UCCS - Science and Nature Elective*
  • Elective


  • Two Mathematic Sequence Courses
  • Pure Mathematics Course
  • Statistics Mathematics Course
  • UCCS - Introduction to Theology
  • UCCS - Theory of Ethics
  • Electives


  • Two Upper-level Math Electives
  • Applied Mathematics Course
  • UCCS - Diverse Cultures
  • UCCS - Theology Elective*
  • Elective

*Choose from list of approved UCCS (University Core of Common Studies) courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences.