Post-Admission Policy for Future Golden Eagles


Committing to attend Marquette University means that you intend to join us on campus for the next fall semester. However, you are not officially considered a “Marquette student” until you arrive on campus for orientation (or move-in, or first day of class attendance  whichever occurs first). Until that point, Marquette reserves the right to modify your admission status or rescind your admission should anything substantial arise/occur which warrants this action. Reasons for modification of status include, but are not limited to, poor academic performance, substantial misconduct/disciplinary concerns, information that was not properly disclosed during the application process, forgery or fraudulent misrepresentation, or engaging in behavior that is/may be significantly disruptive to the Marquette community. 


If concerns arise, you may be required to meet with representatives from the Office of Admissions, the Division of Student Affairs, and/or other members of the Marquette community to discuss these concerns. Representatives from those offices will provide you with information relating to those concerns and allow you an opportunity to fully respond to those concerns. If in the extremely rare event that an admission status is changed, the rationale for such a decision will be provided to, and discussed with, the student. A decision to modify admission status is final and not subject to appeal.