Test Optional

Guided by our values . . . 

To keep a Marquette University education accessible to a diverse population of students, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers domestic and international undergraduate applicants the choice to include standardized test scores as part of their application. 

Beginning with applications for the Fall 2020 term, Marquette joins a small group of top 100 nationally ranked universities, and over 1,000 institutions nationwide, that have decided to drop the ACT or SAT as a requirement for admission and scholarship consideration. Demonstrated success across four years of a college preparatory curriculum in high school has long been the most important measure in a student's application and remains the best predictor of success at Marquette University. 

The review process:

Marquette's holistic admission review will continue to consider academic achievement in conjunction with a student's unique talents, leadership and service activities, application essay, school profile, letters of recommendation and any other information a student wishes to submit. Students may choose to submit the ACT and/or SAT score to be included among the materials evaluated in the review process. Students not submitting a test score will not be penalized for making this choice. 

Applicants are encouraged to review our admission profile from past years for guidance on whether to submit a standardized test score. All applicants, regardless of test score submission, will be given equal and full consideration for admission and scholarships, including the merit-based Père Marquette Scholarship. 

We expect many undergraduate applicants will continue to submit test scores as part of their admission application. The decision to adopt a test optional policy simply provides students a choice. Applicants will decide how best to represent their capacity for success at Marquette University. We strongly believe students are who they are because of their life experiences, work ethic, class rigor and engagement in and out of the classroom. 




Test Optional FAQ:

Who can apply test optional?

Students applying for admission to Marquette's undergraduate programs have the option to apply without including a standardized test score. This includes both domestic and international students. 

International students must demonstrate English language proficiency for admission. Students do not need to demonstrate proficiency with the ACT or SAT, but in the absence of one of these test results students must submit materials that demonstrate proficiency in another way. 

Homeschooled students may apply test optional. As is the case now, homeschooled applicants undergo a rigorous review process that sometimes requires an in-person interview or phone call. 

Student athletes who have been recruited to play in one of Marquette's Division I programs are required to submit official ACT or SAT scores as per the NCAA eligibility rules found here

My scores were automatically sent. Can I still apply test optional?

Yes. At the time of application you will be able to indicate whether or not you'd like to be reviewed under the test optional policy. Even if the testing agency or your high school have submitted your test scores, as long as you indicate your preference in the application you may still apply test optional. 

If you make the choice to apply test optional, your file will be reviewed without a test score present for anyone reviewing your application for admission or scholarship consideration.

This will appear as a question in both the Marquette Application and the Common Application. 

Note that once the online application has been submitted, this decision cannot be changed. 

How will my application be reviewed? 

All applications to Marquette University undergo careful holistic review for admission and scholarship decisions. Therefore, review of all applications, including those submitted without standardized test scores, will include a thorough examination of the application essay, high school transcript, extra-curricular involvement, contextual factors and any other items a student chooses to provide. 

Will applying test optional impact my scholarship? 

You will be at no disadvantage for merit-based scholarship consideration if applying test optional. This includes the Père Marquette Scholarship. 

Should I apply test optional?

Of course only you can answer this question, however if you feel that your ACT or SAT score adequately demonstrates your academic ability, then feel free to apply with a test score. Alternatively, if you believe your academic history throughout high school, including the rigor of your courses, better demonstrates your academic talents, then consider applying test optional. 

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with Marquette's academic profile to inform this decision. You may find a summarized profile at this link.

Should you decide to submit test scores, this page outlines the accepted methods of submission.