MATC Guaranteed Admission Agreement Details

Milwaukee Area Technical College and Marquette University agree to a cooperative relationship through this agreement to better serve students and facilitate the transfer process.

This agreement offers Milwaukee Area Technical College students Guaranteed Admission to Marquette University to complete their Bachelor’s degree. Students must meet all of the requirements outlined in this agreement to guarantee their admission to Marquette University.   

  1. Academic Requirements

    1. Students must have received a high school diploma or equivalent (GED), complete a minimum of 24 transferable credit hours, and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale as a full-time student on all transferrable coursework taken at Milwaukee Area Technical College, with no grades earned of less than C. Students asked to leave Milwaukee Area Technical College for academic or non-academic reasons will not be considered for guaranteed admission.
    2. Students are required to enroll in their Marquette University degree program within three years of initial enrollment in the Guaranteed Admission program. Courses accepted for transfer credit must follow Marquette University’s Transfer Course/Credit Policy. Courses numbered lower than 100-level and courses not deemed transferable are not included in this agreement. 
    3. International students must satisfy Marquette University's requirements for English language proficiency as part of the final admissions process as set forth in the Marquette international admissions process. 
  2. Admission Requirements

    1. Students must authorize Milwaukee Area Technical College and Marquette University to disclose their educational records, including but not limited to transcripts, admission, and advising information as appropriate. By signing the participation form, students agree to allow the partner institutions to share information. Students may also receive communication from Marquette University informing them of presentations, workshops, activities, student events, and visits.
    2. Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing at Milwaukee Area Technical College at the time of transfer. Students must adhere to each institution’s standard policies and procedures, including but not limited to those dealing with admission, enrollment in courses, transfer credits, financial aid, student conduct and discipline, academic probation, dismissal, and reentry.
    3. During enrollment in the Guaranteed Admission Program, Marquette University will provide advisement to students to discuss academic program requirements and transfer credit policies when initiated by the student. It is recommended that students track their degree progress by working with their transfer advisor at Milwaukee Area Technical College and Marquette University.   
    4. This agreement applies to Marquette University programs listed in the Appendix. Note, not all undergraduate programs are available through this agreement as some programs do not offer a transfer entry option or may not have spaces to offer in a given semester. Students interested in a Marquette University program not listed in the Appendix should follow general transfer admission instructions and need not submit the Guaranteed Admission Agreement documents.
    5. The degree programs in the College of Business Administration, Opus College of Engineering, and College of Health Sciences have a higher cumulative GPA requirement of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Additionally, students must adhere to the listed requirements below for admission to the respective undergraduate degree program: 
      1. College of Business Administration Grades of B or better in three of the five courses equivalent to Marquette University’s ACCO 1030 Principles of Financial Accounting, ACCO 1031 Principles of Managerial Accounting, MATH 1400 Elements of Calculus, ECON 1103 Principles of Microeconomics, or ECON 1104 Principles of Macroeconomics. 
      2. Opus College of Engineering A  grade of B or better in courses equivalent to Marquette University's MATH 1450 Calculus I, PHYS 1003 General Physics with Introductory Calculus I, and CHEM 1001 General Chemistry I. 
      3. College of Health Sciences A grade of B or better in courses equivalent to Marquette University's BIOL 1001 General Biology I and CHEM 1001 General Chemistry I.
    6. Students may also qualify for Marquette University scholarships. Available scholarships can be viewed on Marquette University’s website.
    7. Students may apply for Honors in the Disciplines at Marquette University. A complete list of Disciplinary Honors Programs, their eligibility requirements, and application processes can be found online.
  3. Other terms

    1. All students participating in the Guaranteed Admission Agreement must apply to Marquette University using the Common Application or the Marquette University Admission Application by the Marquette University application deadline for the desired entry term.
    2. Failure to meet the requirements above does not preclude the student from applying and being considered for admission to Marquette University using the traditional admission process.
    3. Upon admission, transfer student official transcripts will be evaluated by the Office of the Registrar for placement into Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC) Transfer Levels. Students having earned an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science prior to enrollment at Marquette University will be placed at the highest level (MCC transfer level 4).  An explanation of the MCC and MCC Transfer Levels can be viewed here 
    4. Students with a felony, misdemeanor, non-academic dismissal, or suspension will be evaluated by Marquette University’s Dean of Students prior to admission. As a result, admission cannot be guaranteed through this agreement.
    5. Milwaukee Area Technical College will publish this document on their website so that the details of this agreement are available to students interested in participating in the program. Marquette University and Milwaukee Area Technical College will have the right to review and approve all advertising for the Guaranteed Admission program. 
    6. In collaboration with Milwaukee Area Technical College, Marquette University will support Reverse Transfer. Reverse Transfer provides an opportunity for students who have enrolled at Marquette University as a transfer student from Milwaukee Area Technical College to transfer their earned Marquette University credits back to Milwaukee Area Technical College to earn their Associate Degree. Upon student request, Marquette University shall forward a transcript to Milwaukee Area Technical College subject to its standard forwarding process. 
    7. This agreement is effective for three years and is subject to annual review. Any changes to the program regarding any part of this agreement must be in writing so that this agreement can be re-evaluated. Notice of changes shall be provided at least 60 days prior to the first day of instruction (at both institutions) of the academic year in which the change will be implemented. 
    8. Should the program be dissolved, students who are participating at that time will be guaranteed transfer into Marquette University provided they satisfy all program requirements.

List of approved majors

  • Klingler College of Arts and Sciences
  • *College of Business Administration
  • Diederich College of Communication
  • *Opus College of Engineering
  • *College of Health Sciences
  • College of Education


Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Biological Sciences



Classical Languages

Classical Languages for Ed. Majors

Classical Studies

Cognitive Science

Computational Mathematics

Computer Science

Criminology & Law Studies

Data Science



Environmental Studies


Gender and Sexuality Studies



Interdisciplinary Majors

International Affairs

Latin American Studies


Peace Studies



Physiological Sciences

Political Science


Social Welfare & Justices


Spanish Language & Literature

Spanish for the Professions

Theology and Religion


Business Administration

Business Analytics

Business Economics


Human Resources Management

Information Systems

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

International Business


Operations & Supply Chain Management

Real Estate


Communication Studies

Corporate Communication

Digital Media (Broadcasting)


Media Studies

Public Relations

Theatre Arts

Biomedical Engineering – Biocomputing

Biomedical Engineering – Bioelectronics

Biomedical Engineering – Biomechanics

Civil Engineering

Construction Engineering & Management

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Biomedical Sciences

Educational Studies

Elementary/Middle Education

Middle/Secondary Education

* The degree programs in the College of Business Administration, Opus College of Engineering, and College of Health Sciences have a higher cumulative GPA requirement of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Additionally, students must adhere to the listed requirements outlined in 2.e. of the agreement for these programs.