Transfer Planning Guide: Opus College of Engineering

The Marquette University Opus College of Engineering pursues excellence and leadership in engineering education, research and service to others. To address today’s global challenges and create a better world for the future, engineers must be well grounded in engineering and science principles underpinned by a strong foundation in the humanities, ethics, leadership and a desire for lifelong learning. The Opus College of Engineering strives to provide a student-centered, active learning environment, fostering curiosity, creativity, and a quest for discovery and innovation.

The guide below will help students preparing to transfer to Marquette's College of Engineering plan for their semesters before entering Marquette. Course recommendations are outlined for specific engineering majors offered at Marquette. 

For more detailed program and course descriptions, please visit Marquette's online bulletin here.

Course Guidance 

Course Number

Course Title




Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Construction Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

MATH 1450 Calculus 1 X X X X X X X X X
MATH 1451 Calculus 2 X X  X   X   X   X   X   X   X 
MATH 2450 Calculus 3 X  X   X   X  X X X X  X 
MATH 2451 Differential Equations  X   X   X   X  X X X  X  X
PHYS 1003 General Physics with Calculus 1  X   X   X  X  X  X X X X
PHYS 1004 General Physics with Calculus 2   X   X   X        X  X  X
CHEM 1001 General Chemistry 1 X  X   X   X   X   X  X X
CHEM 1002 General Chemistry 2 X X  X  X X  X      X
BIOL 1001 General Biology 1  X   X   X             
GEEN 2110 Statics      X  X  X       X 
GEEN 2120 Dynamics     X  X         X 
GEEN 2130 Mechanics of Materials     X  X   X      X
EECE 1610 Intro to Computer Programming X            X  X   
EECE 2010 & EECE 2015 Electric Circuits & Circuits Lab    X          X X  
EECE 2030  Digital Electronics  X   X          X  X