Transfer Planning Guide: College of Health Sciences

The mission of Marquette University's College of Health Sciences is to provide outstanding preparation for careers in the health sciences and as health care providers. It is dedicated to improving health care delivery by educating excellent, caring and ethical health care professionals through a rigorous program of teaching, research and service. Our students are instilled with the Jesuit ideals of concern for the physical, emotional and spiritual development of the individual, as well as a lifelong commitment to leadership and learning in the advancement of their personal skills and professions.

This transfer course planning guide offers direction for choosing equivalent courses at other institutions that will transfer to Marquette and keep you on-track to complete your degree through the College of Health Sciences. 

For more detailed program and course descriptions, please visit Marquette's online bulletin here.

Course Guidance

Course Number

Course Title

Biomedical Sciences

Exercise Physiology

Medical Laboratory Science

Speech Pathology and Audiology

BIOL 1001 General Biology 1 R R R


One biological science course: either BIOL 1001 or BISC 1035

BIOL 1002 General Biology 2 R O R

BISC 2015 & BISC 2016 


BISC 1035 & EXPH 2045

Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Sciences 1 and 2 (must complete a two-course sequence)


Principles of Human Anatomy and Principles of Human Physiology

CHEM 1001 General Chemistry 1 R R R


One physical science course: either CHEM 1001 or PHYS 1001

CHEM 1002 General Chemistry 2 R R R
CHEM 2111 Organic Chemistry 1 R   R
CHEM 2112 Organic Chemistry 2 PG   PG
BISC 2070 Biochemistry O   O
PHYS 1001 General Physics 1 PG PG PG
PHYS 1002 General Physics 2 PG PG PG
PSYC 1001 Introduction to Psychology PG PG PG R
PSYC 2101 or 3101 A developmental psychology course O, PG PG   O
Other PSYC Many professional programs require additional PSYC courses (i.e. abnormal, etc.) PG PG PG PG
MATH 1700 Modern Elementary Statistics R R R R

R = Major/Core requirement | O = Option to fulfill major requirement | PG = Not required by MU, but necessary for many post-grad health professional programs


For most students in the College of Health Sciences, course selection is dependent not only on their intended major, but also their long-term professional/career goals. The course guidance chart offers foundational course requirements for the various majors and most common career paths. Prospective transfer students to the College of Health Sciences should consult this list, the online bulletin at this link, and pre-professional/career requirements to determine their best course options. Click the links for additional information for applying to the accelerated Physician Assistant and Physical Therapy programs at Marquette.