Transfer admission decisions are made collaboratively between the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the academic dean of the college to which the student is applying. When making admission decisions, please know:

  • Decisions are based on a comprehensive review of academic performance. For some academic programs, performance in certain subject areas (math, science) may have greater emphasis in the review process.
  • Successful transfer applicants typically present above a 2.5/4.0 college GPA in a well-rounded academic curriculum (e.g., English, mathematics, science, social sciences, humanities) for admission consideration.
  • Transfer students demonstrating 30+ earned credits of college work will be evaluated upon the types of courses, earned grades and academic trend in college work.
  • Students showing less than 30 earned credits of college work will be reviewed on a combination of high school and college performance.
  • To prepare the most competitive application for admission, we recommend using the transfer planning guides found at this link.

When you’re ready, review the required materials and deadlines, then apply for admission.