Where Do Physician Assistant Studies Graduates Work?

Physician assistant studies careers and jobs

The accelerated program in physician assistant studies is excellent preparation for a fast-growing and rewarding career. PAs who worked at least 32 hours a week had a mean total income of $93,469, according to the 2009 AAPA Physician Assistant Census Survey. Even new PAs who had been in clinical practice for under a year had a mean salary of $78,201, according to that same survey.

Jobs for physician assistants

Marquette's physician assistant studies graduates are in demand: 100 percent have jobs within the field by six months after graduation. Jobs for physician assistants are expected to grow by 39 percent through 2018, much faster than the national average for other occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

So what can you do with physician assistant studies? Most PAs work in physicians' offices, although you can also find PAs working in hospitals and outpatient care centers. Our students specialize in pediatrics, infectious disease, multiple surgical subspecialities, nephrology, oncology, and emergency medicine, among other areas.

Recent employers of Marquette's physician assistant studies graduates include:

  • Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Columbia St. Mary’s
  • Aurora Health Care

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