In the Core Honors program, students follow a special Honors version of the Marquette Core Curriculum, from the MCC Methods of Inquiry course their first semester to the MCC Culminating Course for juniors and seniors. All Core Honors students are invited (but not required) to join the Honors Living-Learning Community in Straz Tower as first-years and sophomores.  Starting in the spring before they matriculate at Marquette, Core Honors students receive priority registration for both their Honors and non-Honors courses.  To graduate with a Core Honors degree, students must earn a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

Core Honors strongly supports study abroad, and we will count up to two appropriate and accredited courses taken abroad for Core Honors credit. The UHP offers five Honors study-abroad scholarships of $1500 each every year. Scholarship applications are due to the UHP at the same time study-abroad applications are due to the Office of International Education in fall and spring.

Core Honors also supports and encourages undergraduate research.  The UHP partners with departments and colleges to offer Disciplinary Honors programs, which require research or other disciplinarily appropriate Honors projects.  Completion of Core Honors is not required of Disciplinary Honors students, nor vice versa; students who complete both earn Comprehensive Honors.  Core Honors students whose majors do not offer Disciplinary Honors programs may complete Honors projects in their majors in order to earn Comprehensive Honors.  If you’re interested in this option, please make an appointment with the UHP Director to learn more. Every summer the UHP offers competitive Undergraduate Research Fellowships, which are open to both Core Honors and Disciplinary Honors students.