Study Abroad Scholarships

Call for Honors Study Abroad Awards

Applications Due: Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 11:59pm

Spring 2023 Application Cycle for Summer and Fall 2023 Programs

Marquette’s Office of International Education and the University Honors Program have designated four particularly outstanding Study Abroad Programs as Honors-specific. Students who enroll in these programs for regular semester study (except for the IRC program at Monash University – see below) and commit to taking special Honors options within them are eligible for competitive $1500 Honors awards.  Students who enroll in other Marquette-approved study abroad programs are eligible for other Honors awards as available.  Students who enroll in one of these Honors-preferred programs may count up to two courses (3 cr or equivalent x 2) for Honors elective credit; students in other Marquette-approved programs of at least 4 weeks’ duration may count one course (3 cr or equivalent) for Honors elective credit. 

Note that all the Honors-preferred options are regular semester programs except the June-July IRC program at Monash University. 

Preference will be given to applications to the Honors-preferred programs, but if we do not receive enough fundable applications to these programs, we will fund applications to other Marquette-approved programs.  

Honors-designated Study Abroad Programs and Honors Options 
(more information about all these programs may be found on the OIE website):

  1. Sibanye Cape Town Program, Cape Town, South Africa
    Students with an Honors award of $1500 must take at least one Institute for Social Development (ISD) course at the University of the Western Cape.
  2. American College in Greece, Athens, Greece 
    Students with an Honors award of $1500 must take at least two courses designated “Honors seminar” within the Deree-ACG International Honors Program.
  3. Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
    Students with an Honors award of $1500 must take one of the following: ATS1254: Culture, Power, and Difference: Indigeneity and Australian Identity, ATS2269: Exploring Contemporary Australia (semester 2, our fall semester), or ATS2341; Asian imaginaries: Bollywood, Manga and other fictions in Asian worlds (semester 1). ATS1254 and 2269 may count as HOPR 2956H, the Honors ESSV1, if taken during sophomore year.
    They must participate in the Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration Program during Monash’s winter term (June-July)
  4. Mahidol University International College, Bangkok, Thailand
    If you are interested in this program, please contact Amelia Zurcher for specific requirements for Honors credit.

Applying for an Honors Award:


The application form will require you to include the following information: 

  • Name 
  • College, major(s) and minor(s), anticipated year of graduation  
  • Study-abroad program(s) you’re applying to (official OIE name), including country and university, plus duration of program   
  • 2-3 paragraphs answering the following questions: How does this study-abroad program fit into your program of study? How does it advance your academic and professional goals? The more concrete and specific you can be, the better – we want to know not only why study abroad in general is will be good for you, but why you have picked the program(s) you have and what you hope to get out of them and give to them.  

The faculty review committee will also consider applicants’ transcripts (Honors will supply these; you do not need to include them in your submission) and their applications to OIE. All emailed applications will be acknowledged; please inquire if you do not receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours during business days.

Applications are due by Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 11:59pm.

Contact  Amelia Zurcher  with any questions.