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Academic advising is available to all Core and Disciplinary Honors students throughout the academic year, and we welcome conversations of all kinds -- come with a specific question or just to say hello. Advising in the University Honors Program is a collaborative process. Many logistical questions — e.g., how to withdraw from a course, how many credits a minor requires, how many credits must be taken in residence — can be answered with a quick Web search or on this university reference page. Note, too, that if you are an Honors student in a college other than Arts and Sciences, or if you have already declared a major in Arts and Sciences, you have a primary adviser in that college or department whom you are usually required to consult before class registration.

Here is an extensive list of additional advising information and resources

Dr. Karalee Surface is the Honors Academic Advisor and is available September through May of the academic calendar year. Honors Director Dr. Amelia Zurcher also holds student office hours for quesrions and conversations of all kinds. She welcomes ideas and suggestions having to do with the UHP. 

During the fall and spring semesters (not summer), standard advising appointments are 15 minutes. If your concern is complex and you think it will require more time, email Karalee or Amelia directly, letting us know the subject you’d like to discuss, and we will book a double appointment for you. 

At least at the start of the fall 2020 semester, because of COVID-19 all advising appointments will be virtual via Teams.

Advising Hours for Fall 2020:

Karalee: Mon. 12-5, Tues. 11-4, Wed. 9-4, Thurs. 9-2, 7:30-9:30 pm, Fri. 12-4

Amelia: Mon. 12-3, Tues. 7-8:30 pm (and by special appointment if you email)

To make an advising appointment during the hours above, visit the Advising Calendar.  You can choose to see either Karalee or Amelia.  If a time during these hours isn't available, that means it's already booked for somebody or something else.

If you sign up for an appointment but then find you can't make it, please be courteous and cancel your appointment online. Appointments require 12 hours of lead time; if you want to make an appointment within 12 hours, you can try emailing (but there's no guarantee we will see your email in time).

Please respect this schedule and do not drop in for advising outside regularly scheduled advising hours except in case of emergency.


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