Disciplinary Honors in Psychology

Director: Dr. Astrida Kaugars
Disciplinary Honors in Psychology in the MU Bulletin

Curriculum Requirements

The following prerequisite course is required for admission to Disciplinary Honors in Psychology:

  • PSYC 2050H: Honors Research Methods and Designs in Psychology (4 cr) 
  • PSYC 2001H: Honors Psychological Statistics (4 cr) is also recommended.

The following courses are required:

4 credits of PSYC 4954H: Honors Psychology Research Seminar (2 cr/semester).  The third and fourth credits must include a final paper and/or presentation as a course requirement. This course should accompany work on the Honors research project undertaken as part of PSYC 4956H.
At least 2 credits of PSYC 4956H: Honors Advanced Undergraduate Research with a supervising faculty member

Additional Requirements

Students must have at least a 3.2 cumulative major GPA to graduate with Disciplinary Honors in Psychology.

Eligibility and Application

All applicants must have a cumulative overall GPA of at least 3.2, and should have identified a faculty mentor by the time of application.  Students should apply in the spring of sophomore year and must have junior standing. In the application the student should identify the faculty mentor and describe his or her research experience. Applications are due in March/April; for exact dates and more details, contact the Director.