Prospective Students

Dear Future Students,

We’re glad you’re thinking about Honors at Marquette.  Please browse our website to learn about our program, call or email for more information, or schedule a visit -- and if you think Honors might be a good fit for you, submit an application!

In Honors we work to realize three fundamental values:  breadth as well as depth of learning; curiosity and engagement; and a commitment to inclusivity and diversity.  As you’ll see from our website, the University Honors Program is divided into two parts, Core Honors, for incoming freshmen, and Disciplinary Honors, for students doing Honors work in their majors and colleges.  In Core Honors, students take Honors versions of their Marquette Core Curriculum classes, and they have the option to join our Honors Living-Learning Community.  Honors is the only all-college academic program at Marquette, and it includes students from virtually every major and program at Marquette.

We welcome Core Honors applications from students with a broad variety of backgrounds and histories.  If you’re curious, open-minded, and eager to learn in an engaged, diverse community of similarly motivated students and faculty, send us an application.  All students who have been admitted to Marquette are eligible to apply to Core Honors.  You can learn more about the application process on our “Eligibility and Admissions” page on this website, and you’ll find a link to the Honors application on your Status Page in your Marquette Admissions account after admission to the University.  Feel free to reach out by email or phone for more information after you’ve browsed our website. If you’re visiting campus, be sure to stop by our office and also to tour Straz Tower, the home of our Honors Living-Learning Community. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Amelia Zurcher, Director