Disciplinary Honors in Physics

Director: Dr. Andrew Kunz
Disciplinary Honors in Physics in the MU Undergraduate Bulletin

Curriculum Requirements

The following prerequisite courses are recommended:

  • PHYS 1003H: Honors General Physics with Introductory Calculus 1 (4 cr) OR
    PHYS 1013H: Honors General Physics with Introductory Calculus for Majors (4 cr)
  • PHYS 1004H Honors General Physics with Introductory Calculus 2 (4 cr) OR
    PHYS 1014H
    : Honors General Physics with Introductory Calculus 2 for Majors (4 cr)

Students must complete the following:

  • PHYS 4953H: Honors Seminar in Physics (1 cr)
  • PHYS 4956H Honors Undergraduate Research (6 cr)
    Students are expected to enroll in PHYS 4953H during the fall term of the junior year.
    The 6 credits of PHYS 4956H must be taken over at least two terms.

Additional Requirements

Students must have at least a 3.2 cumulative GPA in the major to graduate with Disciplinary Honors in Physics.

Eligibility and Application

All applicants must have a cumulative overall GPA of at least 3.2, and should have identified a faculty mentor or faculty internship sponsor by the time of application.  Students are encouraged to apply in the spring of sophomore year, but applications may be accepted by students in the fall of junior year in rare cases.  Applications should be submitted to the Physics Department office. Sample statements, application deadlines and forms are available on the Department of Physics webpage.  The program Director evaluates applications and makes decisions regarding admission to the program. Any questions should be directed to Director Dr. Andrew Kunz.