Honors Disciplinary in Chemistry

Director: Dr. Adam Fiedler
Disciplinary Honors in Chemistry in the MU Undergraduate Bulletin

Curriculum Requirements

The following prerequisite courses are recommended:

  • CHEM 1001H Honors General Chemistry 1 (4 cr) OR
    CHEM 1013H
    Honors General Chemistry 1 for Majors (4 cr)
  • CHEM 1002H Honors General Chemistry 2 (4 cr), OR
    CHEM 1014H
    Honors General Chemistry 2 for Majors (4 cr)
  • CHEM 2111H Honors Organic Chemistry 1 (4 cr)
  • CHEM 2112H Honors Organic Chemistry 2 (4 cr)

Students must complete both of the following:

  • CHEM 4931H Honors Topics in Chemistry 1 (1 cr)
  • CHEM 4956H Honors Undergraduate Research in Chemistry 2 (5 cr)
    Students are expected to enroll in CHEM 4931H during the fall term of their junior year.
    The 5 credits of CHEM 4956H must be taken over at least two terms.

Additional Requirements 

Students must present a talk or a paper in a public forum, describing the results of their undergraduate research. The director will inform students of presentation opportunities and determine which opportunities fulfill the requirements of the program. A minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA in the major is required to graduate with Disciplinary Honors in Chemistry.

Eligibility and Application

All students must have an overall cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 at the time of application. The application consists of a written statement of 1-2 pages in which the student should summarize his or her reasons for applying to Disciplinary Honors in Chemistry.  The statement should address the student’s plans with respect to undergraduate research and career.  Students are encouraged to apply during the spring term of their sophomore year. Applications may also be accepted in the fall term of the junior year in rare cases. Applications should be submitted directly to the Chemistry Department office. Sample statements, application deadlines, and forms are available on Department of Chemistry webpage. Additional questions should be directed to the Disciplinary Honors in Chemistry Director. The Director evaluates applications and makes admissions decisions.