Eligibility and Admissions to Core Honors

All students who have been admitted to Marquette are eligible and invited to apply to Core Honors.  We are seeking curious, open-minded, academically engaged students who are eager to learn in a diverse community of similarly motivated peers. Core Honors includes students from every college and virtually every major at Marquette, and our breadth is one of the program’s greatest assets.  We do not require test scores for admission to Core Honors (nor do we require that you have submitted them to Marquette), and there is no ACT/SAT or GPA threshold for admission to Core Honors. 

Once you have been admitted to Marquette, you will see the link to the Core Honors application on your Status Page in your Marquette Admissions account.  If you complete your application to Marquette, you will also hear from us by email. To apply to Core Honors, you have the option either to interview with a current Honors student or to send us materials explaining your engagement with our Honors values. We encourage you to apply to Honors as soon as you receive your admission to Marquette, but the deadline to request interviews is January 27, 2023, and the deadline to send us a written application is February 15, 2023.  You’ll learn if you’ve been admitted to Core Honors on March 8, 2023.

If you have any questions about the Core Honors admissions process, feel free to send us an email at the address to the right of this page.