Public Health & Equity Fellowship

Marquette’s Community of Research Scholars (CoRS) focused on collaborative research/scholarship related to public and health equity is offering a one-year fellowship program for students at Marquette University. The fellowship program will replace the planned public health equity summer research program which was canceled this summer 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The goals of the program are to generate interest in public health-related disciplines, inspire students to address pressing contemporary societal problems through research, and provide students with an immersive and meaningful experience focused in the development of research skills.

Meet the 2021 Public Health and Equity Fellows!

Watch the 2021 Student Fellows present their research at the Public Health & Equity Symposium:



 Research fellows will:

  • Engage in COVID-19 related research by applying public health and other disciplinary approaches.
  • Engage in health equity research related to racial injustice by applying public health and other disciplinary approaches. 

Long-standing inequities related to racial injustice and the COVID-19 pandemic have converged to create unprecedented challenges in public health. Consistent with Marquette’s mission and guiding values, this program will empower and train the next generation of community leaders in public health to respond to inequity and injustice in the context of public health by providing them with the opportunity to address this challenge as part of a year-long mentored research experience.

Public health is a multidisciplinary field, a science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting human health through organized efforts and informed choices of society. There is a robust community of public health scholars at Marquette that offers numerous meaningful opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student trainees. This program provides a mechanism through which student research experiences can be supported around two of the most pressing public health challenges facing society today.



Approximately 11 Undergraduate and 3 graduate students will be recruited from any college/department at Marquette University to enrich their public health/community health researchexperience. Students who are already working with a Marquette faculty on an ongoing project related to the two thematic areas encouraged to apply. Students who are new to research should contact a potential mentor to inquire about the possibility of being involved with health equity-related research in one of the two thematic areas in coming academic year. A mentor’s research discipline does not have to be in the traditional public health field. Regardless of the discipline, students who are to engage in research with outcomes related to the program’s goals will be prioritized.

Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in seminars and lectures with public health leaders/ researchers to explore the breadth and importance of public health research as a career option. Fellows will have a rigorous lab or community health or healthcare research experience. Fellows will be involved in public health research skill development workshop, data collection and analysis, and report writing. Fellows will develop a plan with their mentors to complete fellowship activities within the year. 



  • Dedicate approximately 10 hours per week during both the fall and spring terms
  • Work closely with a faculty mentor and their research group
  • Participate in research training and workshops related to the fellowship goals.
  • Discuss their research with other students at the monthly meetings
  • Get to know their fellowship colleagues and other faculty mentors through remote activities
  • Attend and present a poster at remote symposium to staff, faculty, family members and invited guests via MS Teams at the end of the fellowship.
  • A stipend of $ 3000 for participation will be provided to all research students. Marquette’s Community of Practice Public Health and Equity Fellows’ program will provide $1500. A matching fund of $1,500 will be requested from each participating mentor.
  • Learn more about how to apply.



The 2020 PHE Fellowship requires identification of a faculty mentor. Mentors can come from any department at Marquette University. Mentors should be actively involved in research related to health equity and/or public health and developing a research project related to COVID-19 or racial injustice. A matching fund ($1,500) is requested from the mentor or the mentor’s academic unit at Marquette. However, projects from mentors who are unable to provide matching funds will be considered. A list of currently eligible mentors is available here. 

Those who wish to be added to the list can apply for eligibility. This will require a relevant background related to the program’s goals, a commitment to participating in and contributing to the year-long program, and a willingness to join Marquette’s Community of Research Scholars (CoRS). Download the mentor application here. 

Email Dr. Joseph Byonanebye ( or Dr. Nilanjan Lodh ( for any questions or if interested in becoming a research mentor and to nominate a student.



Profiles of mentors available 

Application deadline for students

Admission Notifications 

Fellowship Program Dates - Fall 2021 through Spring 2022



Email Dr. Joseph Byonanebye ( or Dr. Nilanjan Lodh (