Way Klingler Research Awards

Way Klingler Fellowship

Given to full-time regular faculty at the associate or full professor rank with significant scholarship and higher potential. Faculty will be nominated by academic deans or self-nominated with dean endorsement. Based upon a recommendation from the selection committee, Way Klingler Fellowships will be awarded in two categories, labeled “science” or “humanities/social sciences.” Science applicants are those with a track record of strong research funding whose research requires higher-expense items, such as, equipment, supplies and research staff. Typically, those from the natural sciences, engineering and biomedical science would address this category. Humanities/social science applicants are those with a national recognition for scholarship whose critical research requirements may be time, access to information and travel. Typically, those from the humanities, communication, business administration, education and many areas designated as social sciences would address this category. In some social science areas and disciplines such as nursing, it may be possible to address either category depending on the specific research focus. The selection of category is thus not one set by discipline but, rather, determined by the applicant.

Application deadline for submission by the deans is January 14, 2025. (Check with your dean’s office to confirm the college application deadline.)

Application coming soon. 

Way Klingler Early Career Awards

Supports promising new scholars in critical stages of their careers. Up to four awards will be given for 2023-2024 to full-time regular junior faculty in the three years following their third-year review. The awards are intended to fund $2,000 in operating cost and to cover a portion of salary to afford the recipient a one-semester release from teaching. Individuals will be selected by the Committee on Research. Applications including support letters from the department chair and dean are due January 14, 2025. (Check with your dean’s office to confirm the college application deadline.)

Application coming soon.