Committee on Research

Marquette University's Committee on Research (COR) is a University Academic Senate (UAS) committee which meets monthly. The committee’s formal charge, as listed in Section 2.04 on page 12 of the UAS Statutes, follows:

  1. Formulates policy concerning the conduct of research and makes recommendation to the UAS for approval.
  2. Decides the Summer Faculty Fellowships and Regular Research Grants.
  3. Selects and recommends to the Provost the Way Klingler Young Scholar Awards and Haggerty Research Award.
  4. Reviews and evaluates the University's research effort and to makes recommendations for its improvement and expansion.
  5. Serves as a hearing body, at the discretion of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, for cases of misconduct in scholarship.
  6. Provides an annual written report to the UAS.

Grants and Awards Reviewed by the COR

 Letter of Resolution 

Upcoming Meetings

December 8, 2021: 9-11AM                               

January 19, 2022: 9-11AM

February 9, 2022: 9-11AM

March 9, 2022: 9-11AM

April 5, 2022: Distinguished Scholars Reception, 3:00-5:00PM

April 13, 2022: 9-11AM

May 11, 2022: 9-11AM

Committee Members

Dr. Julia Azari, (Vice Chair), Klingler College of Arts and Sciences/ Social Sciences
Dr. David Baker (Chair), College of Health Sciences
Dr. Kati Berg, (Vice Chair), Diederich College of Communication
Dr. George Cashman, College of Business Administration
Dr. Anne Clough, (Secretary), Klingler College of Arts and Sciences/Natural Sciences
Mr. Atiba Ellis, Law School
Dr. Jody Jessup-Anger, College of Education
Dr. Sebastian Luft Klingler College of Arts and Sciences/Humanities
Dr. Brooke Mayer, Opus College of Engineering
Dr. Linda Piacentine, College of Nursing
Dr. Lobat Tayebi, School of Dentistry
Ms. Katherine Durben, Research and Sponsored Programs (non-voting)
Dr. Jeanne Hossenlopp, Vice President for Research and Innovation (non-voting)


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