Marquette COVID-19 Research Initiative

COVID-19 Research Initative Final Report 

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected most aspects of the daily lives of Americans and people across the world. Marquette University, a research and student-focused institution, is in the unique position to bring together scholars from the Marquette community, including faculty, staff, and students, to address the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, how we got here, and the emerging trends and strategies to address the changing world.

The primary goal of this research initiative is to identify, and promote research performed by the Marquette community on the immediate and long-term issues and the impact on society related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This could involve small or large research collaborations, from new or existing interdisciplinary collaborative teams, or work led by individual investigators. The emphasis will be on achievable and feasible short- and long-term research projects or educational opportunities focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative will provide high-impact learning opportunities for Marquette graduate and undergraduate students through research of COVID-19 pandemic issues that will affect this generation for years to come. The Marquette initiative will complement the current Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin (CTSI) COVID-19 Research Initiative that is focused on clinical and health systems studies.

COVID Initative Plan


Recent Updates

The Marquette COVID-19 Research Initiative is gaining significant traction. Projects, studies, podcasts, commentaries, webinars, and classes are in the making by teams and individuals. The outcomes are emerging. Learn about the latest developments and projects taking place through the COVID-19 Research Initiative: 

  1. Spring 2021 Lightning Talks: Watch the latest series of 5-minute lightning talks from Marquette researchers working on COVID-19 projects!
  2. Short Survey: To help understand the work being done and the people involved we would appreciate you taking the time to fill out a short survey . This will allow us to obtain more information on current projects (research studies, education pursuits, humanities focused projects, community programming etc.) and those involved, including faculty, staff and students. Keep in mind that each survey submission is to represent one project.  Thus, if you are involved in several projects, please arrange one submission for each project. If you are significantly associated with studies at other institutions (e.g. MCW) please include. 

Additional Initiative Information 

Initiative Plan

COVID Initiative Plan

External Funding Opportunities

External funding opportunities associated with the COVID-19 pandemic can be found on the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) website

Submit ideas & join teams

Marquette faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to submit their COVID-19 research ideas, projects, skill sets, and interests. Those with a Marquette VPN or network access can then search through our database to find individuals or teams to join forces with. 

Submit your research interests, ideas, and skill sets related to COVID-19.

View others' research interests, ideas, and skill sets related to COVID-19 (Marquette VPN or campus network connection required).


Virtual Town Halls - April 28th and 29th. A recording of the town hall is available here. (Restricted to Marquette VPN and campus network only)

CURTO COVID-19 Seminar - View the recording here.

Conducting Culturally-Sensitive Research Webinar - July 16th, 10AM; view recording here. 

COVID-19 Lightning Talks -  During COVID-19 Lightning Talks, Marquette researchers share their pandemic-related research in 5 minutes or less. 

  • June 23rd, 10AM - view the recording here. 
  • August 4th, 10:30AM - view the recording here.
  • Student Research Lightning Talks -  view the recording here.
  • April 21st, 3PM - view the recording here.

Student Commentaries

Read student commentaries written on COVID-19 pandemic-related issues.

Covid Conversations Podcast 

Covid Conversations is an exciting project designed to highlight some of the research currently underway at Marquette, as well as share how our classes are exploring topics related to the pandemic and its impact on society.  Our goal was to bring together an interdisciplinary group to reflect on a topic and then produce a podcast based on their conversation.

Listen and learn more.

Student Research Opportunities


AHPRC Student Research Initiative - the AHPRC's SRI is designed to facilitate undergraduate and graduate research from different colleges across campus and support the mission and global goal of the AHPRC. Students are welcome to apply to conduct research in human performance and health-related areas, including COVID-19 pandemic research. 

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Steering Committee:

Dan Bergen (Office of Economic Engagement)

Executive Director, Office of Community Engagement

Edward Blumenthal (College of Arts & Sciences)

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Affairs, Arts & Sciences

Co-Director, Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute

Andrew Dentino (School of Dentistry)

 Associate Dean of Research, Dentistry

Guilherme Garcia (Dept of Biomedical Engineering)

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Marquette University and The Medical College of Wisconsin

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences, Medical College of Wisconsin

Kimberlee A. Gretebeck (College of Nursing)

 Interim Associate Dean for Research

Michael Haischer (Athletic and Human Performance Research Center)

 Laboratory Manager, AHPRC

Graduate student, Exercise Science and Rehabilitation program, Dept of Physical Therapy

Sandra Hunter (Exercise Science, Dept. of Physical Therapy)

Planning Director, Athletic and Human Performance Research Center (AHPRC)

Krassimira Hristova (Dept of Biological Sciences)

Director, Global Water Center (GWC)

Young Kim (Diederich College of Communication) 

Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication

Lezlie Knox (Dept. of History)

Assistant Chair, Dept. of History

Committee on Research, Humanities representative

John Mantsch (Dept. of Biomedical Sciences)

Chair, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences

Sameena Mulla (Dept. of Social and Cultural Science)

 Associate Professor Dept. of Social and Cultural Science

Paula Papanek (Exercise Science, Dept. of Physical Therapy)

Director, Exercise Science Program

CTSI Executive Committee and COVID-19 Research Initiative Steering Committee

Andrea Schneider (Law School)

Director, Institute for Women's Leadership

Director, Law School Dispute Resolution Program

Lucas Torres (Dept. of Psychology)

Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychology

Faculty Fellow, Officie of Research & Innovation 

Leigh Vandenkieboom  (Dept. of Educational Policy)

Chair, Dept. of Educational Policy

Amy Van Hecke (Dept of Psychology)

Executive Co-Director, Next Step Clinic

Director, Marquette PEERS Program in the Interdisciplinary Autism Initiative

Chair, Committee on Research

Kalpa Vithalani (Office of Economic Engagement)

Executive Director, Technology Transfer

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