Graduate Posters

 2021 Mechanical Engineering Graduate Poster Conference 

The videos below feature our department's graduate students and the research they've performed over the past academic year. 

Contact Dr. Casey Allen with any questions. 

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Thermal Distortion in High Pressure Die Casting Shot Sleeves

Ross Crowley, advised by Dr. Joe Domblesky 


Nucleation and Growth of Fatigue Cracks near Non-metallic Inclusions in Superelastic Nitinol

Parisa Shabani Nezhad, advised by Dr. John Moore

Pore-resolving Simulations to Study the Impacts of Char Morphology on Zone II combustion and effectiveness factor models

Dongyu Liang, advised by Dr. Simcha Singer

Understanding Fatigue in Nitinol

Jacob Rusch, advised by Dr. John Moore

Simulations of Spall Fracture of PMMA

Andrew Frasca, advised by Dr. John Moore

Machine Vision control in Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing

Mitch Rupp, advised by Dr. Phil Voglewede and Dr. Allison Murray

Soot Extinction Diagnostic of Gasoline in Compression Ignition

John Kempf, advsied by Dr. Casey Allen


CFD Modeling of Aerial Dispersion of Pollutants in Urban Environments

Alec Tauer, advised by Dr. Somesh Roy


Dynamic Behavior of Additively Manufactured SS304L Under High Strain Rate Loading

Christopher Johnson, advised by Dr. John Borg


Analysis of Toggle and Latching Mechanisms

Edward Dold, advised by Dr. Philip Voglewede

Manipulating Energetic Material System's Response to Shocks

Jack Borg, advised by Dr. John Borg


Aero-Aacoustic Design of an Abrasive Blasting Nozzle Using CFD

Adam Dehli, advised by Dr. John Borg 


Copper Mountain Sandstone and Examination of Equations of State and Strength for Quartz

Nathaniel Helminiak, advised by Dr. John Borg

Near-nozzle Holographic imaging of Dispersion-inducesd Reductions in Combustible dust particle size Distributions

Tyler Reaker, advised by Dr. Casey Allen


Optimization and Modeling of Shape memory Alloy Lattice Structured Materials for Kinetifc Energy Absorption using the Finite Element Method

Ian Morrissey, advised by Dr. John Moore


Design and Development of a Prechamber Combustion System

Mujsharrat Chowdhury, advised by Dr. Adam Dempsey


Load Distribution Assessment of Photon Monte Carlo Radiation Calculations

Chloe David, advised by Dr. Somesh Roy


Determining the Break-point for the Use of Ideal or Practical Element Parameters for Big and Small Hydraulic Systems. 

Tim Kerrigan, advised by Dr. Phil Voglewede

Development and Implementation of Experimental and Numerical Engine Research Platforms

Jared Zeman, advised by Dr. Adam Dempsey

Understanding Soot Formation in Combustion Devices

Khaled Mosharraf Mukut, advised by Dr. Somesh Roy

High Flux Cooling of Power Electronics in Microchannels

Timothy Fair, advised by Dr. Anthony Bowman

Automation in Closed Die Forging

Kyle Wolf, advised by Dr. Joe Domblesky

Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling of Pollutants in Milwaukee Using Aermod

Tito N. Onwuzurike advised by Dr. Somesh Roy

Optimization and Design of an Antagonistic, Cable-Driven, Variable Stiffness 3-Joint Finger

Allison Goetz, advised by Dr. Joe Schimmels