Mechanical Research Themes

Energy Systems

A concentration in energy systems typically entails advanced study of a) thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, and combustion b) the application of these principles to phenomena and devices that constitute energy-conversion systems and c) the analysis, simulation and design of such systems as well as plants, e.g., chemical, metallurgical, food, etc., which are energy-intensive.

Manufacturing Systems

A concentration in manufacturing systems engineering focuses on a broad range of topics, ranging from micro issues, such as materials-related issues and cutting mechanisms in material removal processes, to macro analysis of complex manufacturing systems from a process or ergonomics perspective. The focus of this concentration may be computer-integrated manufacturing, materials processing, mechanical behavior of materials, manufacturing processes, quality systems or ergonomics within manufacturing.

Mechanical Systems

A concentration in mechanical systems typically entails advanced study of a) mechanical design and analysis and b) modeling, simulation and control. Mechanical design and analysis focuses on the use of sound physical and mathematical principles to understand the behavior of mechanical systems. It includes computer-aided optimal design, such as the design of multibody, multidegree-of-freedom mechanical systems. Modeling, simulation and control involve the study of theoretical mechanics in conjunction with computational applications including advanced dynamics, kinematics and stress analysis. Applications include the modeling and control of manufacturing processes, including robotics and automated deformation processing.


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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering dealing with the analysis, design, manufacture, and improvement of machines.

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