Graduate Posters

2020 Mechanical Engineering Graduate Poster Conference 

The videos below feature our department's graduate students and the research they've performed over the past academic year. 

Contact Dr. Casey Allen with any questions. 

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Aero-Acoustic Design of an Abrasive Blasting Nozzle Using CFD

Adam Delhi, advised by Dr. John Borg

Predictive Forward-Dynamic Simulation of Human Gait

Jess Thayer, advised by Dr. Philip Voglewede

Quantifying the Interplay of Reaction, and Transport in Morphology During Char Gasification

Dongyu Liang, advised by Dr. Simcha Singer

Shock Processes in Water: Multi-Scale Comparison and Experimental Results

Longhao Huang, advised by Dr. John Borg

Tracking Airborne Pollutants from Urban Transportation and Wastewater Infrastructure to Protect Public Health

Tito Onwuzurike, advised by Dr. Somesh Roy

Understanding Soot Formation in Combustion Devices

Khaled Mosharraf Mukut, advised by Dr. Somesh Roy

Analysis of Aniostrophic Surface Topography Effects on Metal Flow

Ross Crowley, advsied by Dr. Joseph Domblesky


Analysis of Bristle-Tip Impact Crater for Wire Bristle Impact Tool

Jian Zhang, advised by Dr. Robert Stango


Cohesive Zone Modeling of Interfaces under High Impact Velocity Collisions

Tamanna Tasnim, advised by Dr. Somesh Roy


Computational Simulation of Spall Fracture

Jacob Rusch, advised by Dr. John Moore

Cyclic Behavior of Superelastic Nitinol

Parisa Shabani Nezhad, advised by Dr. Dinc Erdeniz


High Flux Cooling of Power Electronics in Microchannels

Timothy Fair, advised by Dr. Anthony Bowman 


Dynamic Compaction of Copper Mountain Sandstone Under Both Uniaxial and Oblique Impact with Special Investigation Concerning Mesoscale Influences

Nathaniel Helminiak, advised by Dr. John Borg


Geometric Optimization of Shape Memory Effect Fatigue Life

Ian Morrissey, advised by Dr. John Moore


Holographic Imaging of Dust Combustion

Tyler Reaker, advised by Dr. Casey Allen


Inverted Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition with Alcohol Fuels for Enhanced Combustion Controllability

Jared Zeman, advised by Dr. Adam Dempsey


Micromechanics of Additively Manufactured Materials Under Dynamic Loading

Christopher Johnson, advised by Dr. John Borg


Ordered Composite Systems and the Effects of Geometry on Pressure Waves

Alex Dawson, advised by Dr. John Borg


Automation in Closed Die Forging

Kyle Wolf, advised by Dr. Joseph Domblesky