Marianne E. Weiss, D.N.Sc., RN

Marianne Weiss
Marianne E. Weiss, D.N.Sc., RNMarquette University

Clark Hall, 345

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
(414) 288-3855



Hospital Discharge Scales

Highest Degree

D.N.Sc., University of San Diego

Courses Taught

NURSING 6000:  Theoretical Foundations of Nursing

NURSING 8000:  Nursing Knowledge Development

Research Interests

The impact of nurse workforce and nursing practice on patients outcomes; hospital discharge and transition from hospital to home-based care; quality of discharge teaching; readiness for hospital discharge; health team communication; theory-guided research; evidence-based practice; translational research.

Professional Affiliations


Midwest Nursing Research Society

Sigma Theta Tau International


Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, St. Joseph/Sister Rosalie Klein Professor of Women’s Health

Selected Publications

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2014-2017. American Nurses Credentialing Center. READI Study: Readiness Evaluation And Discharge Interventions Study. The goal of this study is to test the implementation of discharge readiness assessment as a standard nursing practice for hospital discharge in 34 Magnet hospitals. Role: Principal Investigator


Weiss, M.E & Bobay, K.L. Readiness for Discharge; Multi-site Study, Magnet Conference, Denver, CO, October 26.

Weiss, M.E., Yakusheva, O., Bobay, K.L., Costa, L.  & Hughes, R.G. Symposium: Translational Research to Reduce Readmissions. Council for The Advancement of Nursing Science, State of the Science Conference, Washington, DC, September 13-15.

  1. READI for discharge: Multi-site implementation trial
  2. Discharge readiness as a predictor of readmissions
  3. Research Participation Creates Nursing Practice Change
  4. Translational Research: Influences on Successful Implementation
  5. Overcoming Big Data Challenges of Multi-Site Translational Research

Weiss, M.E., Bobay, K.L., Costa, L. Symposium - Researching the nurse's contribution to discharge preparation and hospital readmission. Sigma Theta Tau International European Conference, Cambridge UK, June 4-6, 2018

  1. The READI (Readiness Evaluation and Dischrage Interventions) Study: A multi-site implementation study of the impact of discharge readiness assessment protocols on hospital readmission;
  2. Using Implementation Science to inform research conduct and interpretation: The READI study experience;
  3. Nurses perspectives on discharge practice change through participation in research.

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