Ph.D. Student Program Funding and Awards

Funded Ph.D. Students

Pictured - Jonas Scholars: Jessica Barkimer, Danielle Siclovan;
Robert Wood Johnson Fellow: Amanda King;
Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need Fellows: Angela Melchor, Marsha Tyacke, and Jennifer Dahlman



Anders PhD 2019

Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (U.S. Dept. of Education)
Lisa Anders


Hlebichuk and Salinas 2019

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Fellows
Jeanne Hlebichuk, left, and Molly Salinas


Pena 2019

Research Assistant, Sylvia Pena


tana karenke 2019

Tana Karenke works as a Research Assistant on Dr. Norah Johnson's funded project working with children who have autism and uses Nurse Faculty Loan Program funds.



Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing: Dr. Stacee Lerret (Ph.D. 2010)

Fellow in the National League for Nursing Academy of Nursing Education: Dr. Cynthia Foronda (Ph.D. 2010)

Fulbright Specialist Panel: Dr. Norah Johnson (Ph.D. 2009)

Post-doctoral fellows:

Dr. Theresa Hardy (Ph.D. 2018) New York University

Dr. Amanda King (Ph.D. 2019) National Institutes of Health

Dr. Qiyan Mu (Ph.D. 2017) Advanced Fellowship in Women's Health from the Division of MCW General Internal Medicine and Zablocki VA Medical Center.

Dr. Amy Newman (Ph.D. 2017) Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Utah in an interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship in cancer, aging and end-of-life care research

Dr. Marsha Tyacke (Ph.D. 2018) Fellowship in Clinical Medical Ethics University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

National League for Nursing Certified Nurse Educators:

Dr. Jessica Barkimer (Ph.D. 2018)

Dr. Cynthia Foronda (Ph.D. 2010)

Dr. Jamie Hansen (Ph.D. 2016)

Dr. Laurie Kunkel-Jordan (Ph.D. 2019)

Dr. Cynthia Larsen (Ph.D. candidate)

Dr. Janet Levey (Ph.D. 2015)

Holly Losurdo (Ph.D. student)

Dr. Patti Varga (Ph.D. 2016)