Army ROTC Nursing Undergraduate Program

What is Army ROTC?

Army ROTCThe Reserve Officer Training Corps provides an opportunity for college nursing students to receive practical hands-on leadership experience. Courses help students to develop management, communication and decision-making skills in a non-threatening environment. Physical training and confidence-building activities (i.e., rappelling, obstacle courses) also provide a chance for students to be physically and mentally challenged.

The ROTC program is taken in conjunction with your regular classes in a selected major field, plus other general education requirements to earn a commission. The main focus is on management and leadership skills development, with increasing responsibilities as you progress through the program. A typical cadet takes two to four credits of ROTC class per semester, which may count toward his or her total credits required to graduate. The ROTC program itself can be taken on a four-, three- or two-year basis. The first two years are the basic course, and the last two years are the advanced course. Your academic and military status as a cadet will determine the length of time you need to complete your ROTC requirements. 

Nursing scholarship opportunities

Army ROTC program offers two-, three- or four-year scholarships for undergraduate nursing students. Scholarships include full tuition and fees, a monthly stipend, and cash textbook allowance. For more information about Army nursing scholarship requirements and the application process, please see:


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