Careers in Sociology

What can I do with a degree in sociology?

Graduates with a BA in sociology have many options available to them upon graduation. Here are some of the fields and occupations persons who major in sociology often pursue:

  • Social services or counseling, providing services or advocacy for victims of abuse and disasters, juveniles in the justice system, and low-income families.
  • Clerical and administrative support careers, such as paralegals, IT

    specialists, immigration specialists.

  • Business management, including human resources, workforce planning, and quality assurance.

  • Sales and marketing, developing marketing strategies, fund-raising

  • Teachers or librarians

  • Graduate school

In one recent study of sociology graduates, nearly 70% of them said they were in jobs that were somewhat or closely related to the sociological skills they acquired in college. This was particularly true if they had communicated those skills to their employer. Among the most useful skills were those in research methods, but here are other skills you will gain from a sociology major: developing evidence-based arguments, evaluating research methods, interpreting data and research findings, using statistical software, and identifying ethical issues in research.

Additional Reasons to Major in Sociology

  • recently ranked 200 careers in the U.S., based on their income potential, working conditions, competitiveness, hiring outlook, stress, and physical exertion. Sociologists came in 8th.  
  • Time, Newsweek, and the Chronicle of Higher Education have all written that employers are seeking employees that with a broad liberal-arts based education, which is the foundation of a degree in sociology.

Additional Information