The Association of Graduate Students in Theology (AnGST)

About AnGST

The purpose of AnGST is to promote the spiritual, scholarly, and social interests of graduate students in the Department of Theology. We strive to provide pleasant and meaningful opportunities for extracurricular interaction between students, faculty, staff, and administration. Regular events we organize include:

  • New student orientation and welcome picnic
  • Beginning and end-of-term prayer services
  • Winter spiritual retreat
  • Faculty colloquia
  • Marquette/Loyola graduate student colloquium


Membership in AnGST is open to every full-time and part-time graduate student in the Department of Theology. Leadership is provided by a five-member board of directors who elected from the membership at large, each of whom serves a term of two years.

AnGST Board of Directors (2018–2019)

  • Kenny Hoyt: President
  • Kristen Mathson: Member
  • Gary Klump: Member
  • Patrick Bowman: Member
  • Jerri von den Bosch: M.A. representative

Contact AnGST

You can contact the AnGST board of directors at AnGST is registered as an official student organization with Marquette's Office of Student Development.

AnGST Constitution

You can read the AnGST constitution at any time here.

AnGST Underground

AnGST Underground: A survival guide for Marquette theology students. AnGST Underground is a website by students, for students, providing information and resources to assist in the pursuit of their studies at Marquette.