Major in Theology and Religion

A good grasp of religion and theology is crucial for understanding today's world. As a major in Theology and Religion you will be challenged to think both critically and faithfully about life's most meaningful questions, developing a set of skills–habits of heart and mind–that will serve you well wherever you may go, whatever you may do. Theology will help liberate you. It will help you find your way, not just in a career, but in life.

What are the Requirements for the Theology and Religion major?

The Theology and Religion major requires 33 credit hours in Theology, including:

  • THEO 1001, Introduction to Theology
  • One two-course sequence in Scripture
  • One course in each of the four theology areas (Historical Theology, Systematic Theology, Ethics, World Religions)
  • Three upper-division theology electives
  • The Capstone Seminar, THEO 4997 (also fulfills the Senior Experience Requirement)

Depending on a student's preparation and educational needs, other courses may be substituted by approval of the departmental advisor, who may also suggest cognate courses in other departments. Students preparing for graduate studies in theology are encouraged to begin courses in a necessary classical (Greek/Hebrew/Latin) or modern language (French/German).

Additional Information

For more information on the Theology and Religion major, including courses and an extensive course work guide, please visit the Marquette Undergraduate Bulletin.

Theology and Religion Major FAQs

  • Please visit the "Why major in Theology?" page for frequently asked questions regarding pursing a major and/or minor in Theology and Religion.

Ready to declare your Theology Major?

1. Download and complete the major declaration form.

2. Submit a hard copy of the form or email it to Dr. Alexandre Martins, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

3. Schedule a meeting with Dr. Martins to discuss the sequence of courses.