M.A. Program

The following information briefly describes and denotes the curricular requirements for the M.A. Program. Please see our departmental policies and procedures for more detailed information.

The M.A. Program

The Master of Arts program offers a course of theological study both foundational and comprehensive in nature. It is intended to meet the needs of students who wish eventually to seek admission to a doctoral program in religion or theology at Marquette University or elsewhere, students preparing for careers as high school teachers of religion or theology, as lay church workers or administrators, or in other fields for which a broad theological education is required or desired, and students seeking personal theological enrichment.

Program Requirements

Students considering careers in education may choose from three pre-academic specializations:

  • Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity
  • Historical Theology
  • Systematic Theology/Theological Ethics

Students with other vocational aspirations may prefer our general specialization:

  • General Studies

Students participating in the Trinity Fellows Program may choose our interdisciplinary specialization:

  • Theology and Society

M.A. Learning Outcomes and Assessment Plan