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The Department of Theology aims to help educate undergraduates by bringing them to an understanding of their respective faith commitments and traditions in harmony with their overall intellectual, critical and cultural development. The department also incorporates into Catholic theology an ecumenical dimension which was made normative by the Second Vatican Council, and which is regarded by the department as an essential service to the Church and the world. Theological questions evoke distinctive responses from the various religious perspectives represented in contemporary society. The department respects the various faith traditions of its students and works for mutual understanding among different faiths.

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Program Learning Goals and Outcomes

View our Program Learning Goals and Outcomes to learn about the skills that students are expected to master and demonstrate.

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Who do I contact if I have undergraduate-specific questions?

Danielle K. Nussberger, Ph.D. - Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Requests for Enrollment  

Students wishing to request enrollment in a closed or restricted course may submit an urgent request form to Dr. Julian Hills, Assistant Department Chair. Incoming freshmen and transfer students may bypass the form and contact Dr. Hills directly via email.

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