Urgent Permission to Enroll Form

Who should use this form

The urgent request process is to be utilized by students who need to enroll in a closed Theology section for compelling reasons. The Department of Theology normally defines only the following as compelling reasons:  

  • The student is a Theology major or minor and needs to take a specific course/section to fulfill a curricular requirement of his or her major or minor.
  • The student is a graduating senior and needs to fulfill an outstanding core curricular requirement to ensure his or her timely graduation. 
  • The student must enroll in a course/section meeting at a specific time to accommodate his or her healthcare needs, childcare needs, or terms of employment. A signed confirmation from the student’s academic advisor or an authorized student affairs officer may be required to process requests of this nature.   

NOTE: Simply wanting to take a course during a particular academic term, or preferring a particular time or instructor, will not be considered compelling reasons for the department’s determination of a request’s urgency.    

Course and scheduling advisement
Before submitting your request, please discuss your core curricular requirements and/or scheduling dilemma with your academic advisor to determine

  1. whether you are required to take the course you wish to enroll in, and
  2. whether you might pursue other options to fulfill your requirement.

The Department of Theology assumes no responsibility for the
student’s error should the student successfully petition for enrollment in a course that does not fulfill his or her core curricular requirements in Theology.

  • Complete this form online.
  • When you submit the file, it will be submitted to Dr. Kate Ward, Assistant Department Chair, at katharine.ward@marquette.edu.
  • Monitor your Marquette email account for a decision.
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