Kirsten Boeh
Kirsten BoehMarquette University

Sensenbrenner Hall, 103

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
(414) 288-6989

Communications Coordinator

Klingler College of Arts and Sciences

As Communications Coordinator for the College of Arts and Sciences, it's my goal to promote and tell the story of the amazing work and people in the college.

Prior to stepping into this role in November 2020, I worked in the Department of Biological Sciences as an administrative assistant for 9 years. At Marquette, I also serve as the vice chair of University Staff Senate and as a co-chair for the Marquette Social Professionals Employee Resource Group. Originally from Minnesota, I graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN with a B.A. in Biology and a minor in Scandinavian Studies.

How can I help you tell your story?

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College Related Stories:

Tell me what you are up to! Send me an email to tell me about your research, classes, students, community engagement, or anything else college related.

Publicizing Events and News:

Keep up to date with college news and events on our A&S Updates SharePoint site. Submit your news and events with this form.

Want your news or event to be included on Marquette Today and the University Event Calendar? Use this form, and be sure to add a tag for Arts & Sciences. 

OUR Liaison for Press Releases and External News Stories:

Need a press release or coverage of newsworthy grant, publication, or presentation?

Published and presented research findings

  • For research findings published in a journal or presented at a conference, email me a notice, along with an abstract and pertinent details, at the time of a paper acceptance or at least four weeks prior to publication when available.
    • The promotion strategy for all submitted research is at the discretion of the Office of University Relations, and could include a news release, university magazines, Marquette Today, media pitching, social media or other channels available.
      • For a news release to be developed, research must be published in a top publication or presented at a top conference in the field as determined by each department or college in concert with OUR.
      • Research promotion is limited to projects where a Marquette faculty or staff member is a principal investigator (PI). Otherwise, promotion is deferred to the PI’s host institution.
      • While external publicity is at the discretion of the PI’s host institution, OUR welcomes advanced notice of published research for non-PIs.

Grants and Sponsored Research

All new sponsored research will be published on a monthly basis in the first available Marquette Today of the following month. Grant awards will also be evaluated for other appropriate avenues.

Arts & Sciences Unit Webpages:

College Responsibilities:

  • The Communications Coordinator in the college office is available to support units in maintenance of unit web pages. Projects must be requested at least one week in advance (preferably more lead time if possible).
  • If a new site is requested (i.e. for a unit that does not currently have their own site), contact the Communications Coordinator to discuss options. There must be at least one member of the requesting unit who will be able to make updates once the new page is developed.

Unit Responsibilities:

  • Departments, Centers, Programs, and other Units reporting to the College of Arts and Sciences must regularly review and maintain content on their webpages.
  • At least one member of the unit must maintain access to OU Update to make and publish routine updates.
    • Request access and training here.
    • Assignments and division of labor may vary across units, but examples may include any one or combination of: department assistant, chair, director, appointed faculty, graduate assistant, undergraduate student employee, etc. Undergraduates must submit any revisions for review to their manager prior to publishing any content live to the web.

Marquette University Policy regarding Maintaining Digital Media

  1. All digital media must have a designated manager who is responsible for ensuring that content stays current, accurate and technically functional (i.e., no broken links). All public digital media must meet brand standards.
  2. Authors should review their digital media on at least a monthly basis to ensure that:
    1. All program information, contact information, staff rosters and calendars of events are current;
    2. All contact forms that send emails are functioning;
    3. All content is free of technical, spelling, grammar and factual errors;
    4. Internal digital media are not publicly accessible;
    5. Outdated content is revised or omitted.