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Psychology Faculty


Ed de St. Aubin Ed de St. Aubin, Ph.D.
Life Span Personality Development: Narrative Psychology; Meaning Making; Cultural Psychology; Generativity; Personal Ideology; Sexuality and Gender.
(414) 288-2143

Alyson Gerdes Alyson Gerdes, Ph.D.
Director of Clinical Training, Clinical Ph.D. Program

Evidence-based, culturally-appropriate clinical practices for childhood ADHD; Latino mental health disparities; parent-child and peer relationships in children and teens with ADHD
(414) 288-6145

Nakia Gordon Nakia Gordon, Ph.D.
Understanding how emotions impact the way individuals navigate their worlds
(414) 288-1688

John Grych John Grych, Ph.D.
Physical and sexual aggression in adolescent romantic relationships; family violence
(414) 288-7460

Stephen Guastello, Ph.D.
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Nonlinear dynamics (chaos, complexity, and catastrophe models) as they affect work organizations; human factors engineering; creative processes
(414) 288-6900


James Hoelzle, Ph.D.
CPS Director

Neuropsychological and personality assessment; integration of clinical measures and theory; stability of disorders; secondary-gain issues
(414) 288-7773

Kristy NielsonSimon Howard, Ph.D.
Social psychology;social psychological underpinnings of racial disparities, and individual and institutional manifestations
of racial bias.
(414) 288-3643

Astrida Kaugars, Ph.D.
Pediatric psychology; family adjustment and emotional development in pediatric populations; parent-child relationships
(414) 288-3665

Kristy NielsonTiffany Kodak, Ph.D.
Applied behavioral analysis; early intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder; early literacy skills; social skills assessment and intervention

MagnusBrooke Magnus, Ph.D.
Psychometrics; item response theory; assessment of behavioral and health outcomes; questionnaire and scale development.
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Kristy NielsonKristy Nielson, Ph.D.
Memory & cognition, aging & dementia, neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience, fMRI, EEG/Evoked potentials.
(414) 288-1796

Kimberly NordenKimberly Norden, Ph.D.
Teaches a variety of undergraduate courses, including Introduction to Psychology, Developmental Psychology: Conception through Adolescence, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, andTheories of Personality.
(414) 288-0620


Debra Oswald, Ph.D.
Social psychology, social stigmatization, interpersonal relationships, gender role stereotypes
(414) 288-3720

Anthony Porcelli Anthony Porcelli, Ph.D.
The influence of stress on decision making, risk taking, and memory; cognitive neuroscience, social and affective neuroscience; neuroeconomics; fMRI
(414) 288-2028

Steve Saunders Stephen Saunders, Ph.D.
Department Chair

Mental health services system, process and outcome of psychotherapy, spirituality in mental health service, help-seeking behavior and therapeutic alliance
(414) 288-7459

J. Tiger Jeffrey Tiger, Ph.D.

Program Director, Behavior Analysis Program

Applied Behavior Analysis; Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities; Assessment and Treatment of Severe Problem Behavior; Translation of Laboratory Research to Practice

Torres Lucas Torres, Ph.D.
Mental health disparities; Multicultural psychology; Acculturation; Race-related Stressors; Coping; Latinos
(414) 288-5439

Amy Vaughan Van Hecke, Ph.D.
Typical and atypical development in infants and children, autism, cognitive neuroscience, EEG.
(414) 288-7258

Michael Wierzbicki, Ph.D.
Department Assistant Chair

Depression, empirical examination of clinical methods
(414) 288-7560


Woods Doug Woods, Ph.D.
Dean of the Graduate School

Understanding, developing treatments for, and disseminating behavioral interventions for children and adults with Tourette Syndrome, Trichotillomania and other OCD-spectrum disorders




Emeritus Faculty

Steve Franzoi Stephen L. Franzoi, Ph.D.
Social psychology, body esteem, self-awareness
(414) 288-1650


Anees SheikhAnees Sheikh, Ph.D.
Clinical and educational applications of mental imagery, spirituality
(414) 288-7471



Siderits Mary Anne Siderits, Ph.D.
Gender, psychology of religion, children’s issues, shyness
(414) 288-7391

Support Staff

Shanna Horne Shanna Horne
Department of Psychology
Administrative Assistant
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Haley Jones Brittany Luckett
Center for Psychological Services Administrative Assistant
(414) 288-3487


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