Tim Tharp
Dr. Tim TharpMarquette University

Wehr Physics Building. 315

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
(414) 288-6132Physics Department

Dean's Sustainability Fellow

Klingler College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Tim Tharp earned his doctorate in Physics at UW-Madison. While there, he studied plasma physics with a focus on nuclear fusion.  He then worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, and at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.  He is currently working on an NSF-funded research project in antimatter physics in addition to his role as Sustainability Fellow.  

As the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Sustainability Fellow, Dr. Tharp is working to address Marquette’s carbon footprint.  The IPCC has published numerous reports outlining the need for humanity to stop burning fossil fuels; by signing the Paris Agreement (2015), the United States established that this is a global priority; and Pope Francis has called upon all people, including but not limited to practicing Catholics, to take action.  

Marquette University currently emits over 125 million lbs. of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere every year.  In his role as Sustainability Fellow, Dr. Tharp is working to develop an actionable plan to reduce this number to zero.  


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madision, 2010