Justice in Action Conference


Saturday, February 27, 2021 | 10am – 3:30pm (in a virtual format)
Registration is now closed. Please email Dr. Jen Reid if you would still like to attend the conference.

Keynote: Dasha Kelly Hamilton, Creative Change Agent

Justice in Action Conference Marquette UniversityThis one-day Saturday conference will help you explore your role in affecting social change, especially in the context of a Jesuit institution. 

This year's conference will be virtual, with an on-campus food truck for lunch and a special conference bag of goodies to make your experience inspirational and nourishing! The one-day student event will focus on your role in service, community, and social change. Be ready to meet new people, learn new skills, engage with amazing MKE community leaders, and challenge your understanding of community engagement and social justice. 

There will be 3 tracks to explore this year:

Justice: This theme focuses on the historical foundations of marginalization and addresses how our justice system disenfranchises people at a disproportionate rate. Justice sessions raise awareness of legislation and educate attendees on the societal impact.

Action: This theme engages attendees through strategies and skills to counter injustices. Action sessions provide a variety of action steps to further education, advocate for community organizations, and fight for true justice.

Engagement: This theme informs attendees how nonprofits and other organizations interact with their communities. Engagement sessions educate attendees on the role they play in upholding or challenging intersecting issues.

Who should attend?

Everyone is welcome! If you have been involved in service, if you care about inequality, if you want Marquette to be an inclusive community, care about our Jesuit mission, if you are an experienced activist, or if you just want to learn more —Join us! Students of all levels are welcome, including graduate students. 

What does the conference cost?

Thanks to MUSG and many other student orgs and several MU departments and offices, the conference is free and includes a gift bag and lunch for the first 100 participants. Your commitment and participation is payment!