Current Cohort Research Projects

2018 SURF Participants

  • Water
  • Imaging
  • Sensors
  • Computer Vision & Processing
  • Rehabilitation & Health
  • Energy & Combustion

Dr. Zhongzhe Liu

  • Production of Waste-Based Activated Carbon with Renewable Fuel Upgrading and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation (Ryan Serfas)

Dr. Brooke Mayer, P.E.

  • Fungi-based remediation of soils impacted by allelopathic invasive plants (Jennifer Lavin)
  • Advanced drinking water treatments to inactivate waterborne pathogens (Kyra Ochsner)
  • Arsenate-phosphate competition: Evaluating the effect of arsenate on the
    phosphate binding protein’s ability to adsorb phosphate in water (Erin Wells)

Dr. Patrick McNamara

  • The impact of metals from aging drinking water infrastructure on antibiotic resistance: Phase 2 (Kate Harrison)
  • Removal of estrogenic compounds from drinking water via electrocoagulation (Kassidy O'Malley)

Dr. Anthony Parolari

  • High-frequency Data to Assess Soil Hydrological and Biogeochemical Function in Urban Agriculture (Joseph Sizemore)

Dr. Scott A. Beardsley

  • Characterization of electrode performance for within-socket sensing of EMG activity (Arlaeth Ferrusquia Lopez)
  • Analysis and mapping of rare forms of epilepsy using electroencephalography (EEG) (Robert Guzek)
  • Dynamic connectivity analysis of brain networks that mediate sensorimotor control in persons with Multiple Sclerosis (Efrain Torres)

Dr. John F. LaDisa, Jr.

  • A virtual reality patient education program for radiotherapy-based breast cancer treatment (Sophia Shanahan)

Dr. Ronald A. Coutu, Jr., P.E.

  • Wheatstone Bridge and Op Amp Sensing Device (Wesley Gilmore)

Dr. Henry Medeiros

  • Real-time Fruit Flower Detection using a Cloud-based Architecture (Zhou Shen)

Dr. Brian R. Hoffmann

  • The Influence of Non-Caloric Artificial Sweeteners on Vascular Health (Evelyn Granados Centeno)

Dr. Brian D. Schmit

  • The Contribution of Impaired Cortical Drive to Neuromuscular Fatigue Post-Stroke (Mohammad Assad)

Dr. Philip A. Voglewede

  • Improved Forward Dynamic Model for Prediction of Normal and Pathological Human Gait (Jess Thayer)

Dr. Nathan Weise

  • Isolated Power for Switching a 1 Megawatt 120 Second Electric Vehicle Battery Charger (David Fraley)
  • High Power Filter for 1 Megawatt 120 Second Electric Vehicle Battery Charger (Seamus Herson)