Biological Sciences (Biology) Major

There are two biology majors at Marquette: biological sciences (biology) and biology for the professions. The biology major lives at the leading edge of science, using the latest technology to explore molecular medicine, ecology and the environment, genetic regulation of plant and animal development, microbial physiology, and cell dynamics and motility.

Do something rare.

All Marquette biological sciences majors take at least three courses taught entirely in the lab by a professor, not teaching assistants — an opportunity few national research universities give their undergraduate biology majors.

Conduct independent research.

As an undergraduate biology major, you'll have the opportunity to work in a research lab — on your own projects — under the guidance of your faculty mentor. And you can also present your findings at regional or national conferences.

Tailor electives to your goals.

One of the strengths of the biological sciences major is its flexibility. Concentrate on the body by taking courses from molecular biology to system physiology or take a different approach by studying ecology, plant biology and microbiology.

Biology for the professions.

This second major is for students in the College of Education who want to teach high school biology. It's designed for middle and secondary school teaching.

How will you spend your summer vacation?

How about working in a real biology lab? Marquette offers a 10-week summer program where you can do exciting research — in areas such as microbiology, developmental biology, cell biology, molecular biology, plant biology, neurobiology and vertebrate physiology — and get paid for it.

Some of the classes you'll take:

  • General Biology I & II
  • Biology Matters
  • Cell Biology
  • Genetics
  • Principles of Biological Investigation
  • Biological Sciences Lab Course
  • Experimental Ecology and Field Biology
  • Experimental Vertebrate Anatomy and Development
  • Immunobiology
  • Tropical Ecology in Panama

For a complete listing of required courses for the program in biological sciences, please visit the Marquette University Online Bulletin at this link.