Transfer Student Admission FAQs

Who is a transfer student?

A transfer student is someone who has graduated high school and will have completed 12 or more college credits since graduating high school and before entering Marquette.

Does Marquette enroll transfer students for fall and spring semesters?

Yes! Students can apply online for fall admission (semester starts in August) or spring admission (semester starts in January).

Can I apply to start in the summer?

Sure! Marquette offers two summer sessions. Students must first apply for fall admission. After fall admission is offered, feel free to let a member of our transfer team know that you would like to change your starting term to summer.

How many students apply for transfer admission?

We receive around 700 applications for fall admission and 150 applications for spring admission.

What application materials are required for a transfer student to be considered for admission?

Application requirements depend on the number of EARNED college credits a student has completed after graduating high school.


Final High School Transcript

Official College Transcript

Less than 12 credits



12 - 29 credits



30 or more credits

Required at time of enrollment


What is considered "official" when sending transcripts? 

Official transcripts are those that are printed on security paper and come directly via US mail from another institutions’ records/registrar office to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, or, are electronically delivered to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions via a secure 3rd party method that has been verified by the sending university. Refer to our transfer student checklist for specific information.

 What is the timeline for the admission review?

We begin reviewing applications for spring entry in early September. For fall entry, we start in January. Once all materials are received, admission decisions are made within 1-2 weeks.

What do I need to be admitted?

Marquette reviews applications holistically, which means every component of the applicant is considered. All applicants will be considered. Historically, successful candidates for admission present at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA with a 3.0 GPA in content specific coursework (i.e. business majors look for quantitative coursework; science majors look for science coursework, etc.)

 What will I receive with my admission packet?

Transfer students receive official admission notification by mail. An admission letter and "instructions for admitted students" are included. In the admission letter:

  • Students learn of their Pere Marquette Scholarship. Award amounts vary.
  • Students are directed to CheckMarq to view the credit transfer summary.
  • Students are provided a transfer advising contact to discuss progress towards a MU degree.
  • Students have an enrollment deposit deadline. In most cases, students should reserve their space at MU by December 1 for spring enrollment and July 1 for fall enrollment.

Are there scholarships other than the Pere Marquette Scholarship?

Yes. Transfer students joining us from a community college may be eligible for our additional transfer scholarships. All students are encouraged to apply for private outside scholarships to help off-set the cost of attendance.

How many transfer students enroll at Marquette?

 Approximately 55 transfer students join us for the spring semester. About 170 new students join us for the fall semester. Comprehensive enrollment data about year over year transfer student enrollment can be found online.

Can I finish a Marquette degree in two years if I transfer after completing my Associate of Arts or Associate of Science at a community college?

 In most cases, yes! The majority of Marquette's degrees can be completed in two years for students with an earned A.A. or A.S. degree. Students are encouraged to work with a member of our transfer team so that a degree plan can be charted out to ensure a seamless transition.

Can I transfer into Nursing?

Applications will be reviewed on a pooled basis.

Fall entry: Application deadline is May 1 with notifications being sent 2-3 weeks after May 1.

Spring entry: Application deadline is December 1 with notifications being sent 1-2 weeks after December 1.

I'm interesting in transferring to MU to apply to the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. What are the steps?

Students must first enroll at Marquette as an undergraduate student and complete at least one year of studies at MU. The first opportunity to apply for DPT admission is in the junior year. Transfer students must have completed at least one year of studies at MU and be on-track to complete the MU degree on time. In most cases, transfer students will not be eligible for the accelerated 6-yr program. However, students will be considered an internal applicant for the DPT program, which carries preferential consideration for admission, if a Marquette bachelor's degree is earned with at least half of the pre-requisites earned at MU and all the pre-requisites earned at a 4-year regionally accredited college/university and through in-class instruction (not via online courses). Credits earned at a community, technical or extension institution are not acceptable.

I'm interested in transferring to MU to apply to the Physician Assistant's program. What are the steps?

Students must first enroll at Marquette as an undergraduate student in the Biomedical Sciences major. Candidates must be on track for a Biomedical Sciences degree following the published pre-PA curriculum. Undergraduate applicants who transfer from another institution must have a minimum of 30 total credit hours (2 semesters), including at least 12 credits of science pre-requisites for the PA program completed at MU and applied toward the undergraduate Biomedical Sciences major prior to submission of the PA application.

I'm planning to transfer to Marquette in the future and would like to know what classes I should take that will transfer towards my degree.

That's great! We have a webpage devoted to help you plan your transfer. Visit our transfer planning resources to view curriculum guides, our guaranteed admission agreements, and Transferology instructions. If questions arise, feel free to contact a member of our transfer team. We're here to help!

How do I arrange a visit to campus?

We'd love to meet you and show you around campus. We offer transfer specific group information sessions or we can sit down with you individually if you would prefer.