What Can You Do With a Major in Theology and Religion?

Theology and Religion major careers and jobs

The theology major is practical. You'll learn to think and read carefully and critically, and write and speak clearly and persuasively, on some of the most complex topics. You’ll learn about other religions, such as Islam and Judaism. And you’ll learn to better understand how religious convictions shape us ethically as responsible members of the human community. What employer would not consider that an advantage? Our graduates can attest that the major in theology is excellent preparation for graduate school and a variety of careers in dioceses and archdioceses, legislation, public policy, medicine, law, and publishing. 

Jobs for theology and religion majors

What can you do with a major in theology and religion? Our graduates have held the following job titles:

  • Background for Catholic leadership (hospitals, charity organizations, parishes, dioceses, etc.)
  • K-12 teacher
  • Director of religious education for a parish
  • Youth minister
  • Missionary
  • College or seminary professor
  • Catholic priest
  • Social worker


Many students double-major in theology and apply what they've learned to jobs in business, nursing, law, psychology and other fields. For students interested in graduate school, the Theology Department has an excellent record of placing graduates in top programs for advanced religious education. Some notable placements have been at Princeton University, Boston College, the University of Chicago Divinity School and the Catholic University of America.

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