The Role of Research at Marquette


Sandra Hunter

Faculty, Dr. Sandra Hunter

Tools of Discovery and Survival: Research or Teaching? In October 2008, a journalist from Runner's World magazine called and asked me whether women peaked in their marathon performance at a later age than men...




Alissa W

  Undergraduate Student, Alissa Wuorinen

Health Sciences student earns second place in Science Coalition video challenge: Alissa Wuorinen, a junior majoring in biomedical sciences in the College of Health Sciences, received an award from the Science Coalition for her second-place finish...


Mike Haischer

Graduate Student, Mike Haischer

The value of research in education: Hi, my name is Mike Haischer and I am a current graduate student and alumnus of Marquette. I just wanted to take a minute to talk to you about the importance of research in education. Research is critically important to the value of a Marquette education and assisting with research as an undergraduate student is one of the most valuable experiences...




Undergraduate Students,  
          MU4Gold Scholars

The competitive MU4Gold Scholars Program offers intellectually curious, highly motivated students the chance to engage in the process of research and discovery with Marquette faculty...


Roberta Cole

Faculty, Dr. Roberta Coles

Responsible black fathers: America's best kept secret? Dr. Roberta L. Coles is a white college professor and an unlikely advocate for black fathers. For the better part of a decade she has worked tirelessly collating a large body of research on an often-overlooked group...



Kassidy O'Malley


Graduate Student,
Kassidy O'Malley

Doctoral student receives National Science Foundation fellowship: Kassidy O'Malley, doctoral environmental engineering student and graduate assistant in the Opus College of Engineering... 



Scholarship wek

Faculty, Diederich College of Communication

Celebrate the ongoing research and creative work conducted in this college with interviews from full-time faculty members... 




Charla Replogle

Graduate Student, Devin McCowan

Classroom Research: Hello everyone. My name is Devin McCowan. I was a student in Dr. Tobin's Gender and Mass Incarceration class. I think having that experience in a classroom was really super important to me in how I form my own thinking...




Faculty and Students, Center for
                      Applied Economics  

Applied Global Business Learning is a volunteer organization that looks to assist communities in developing nations. Groups create a business plan; for example the plan for the Barbara Ford Peace Center in Guatemala involves a marketing and 
business survey and the evaluation of market 



Undergraduate Student, Dan Brophy

Research with a Perspective You've Never Been Exposed To: My name is Dan Brophy, and I'm a class of 2020 graduate of Arts & Sciences. I'm also a former student in Dr. Theresa Tobin's course Narrating Freedom: Gender, Race, and Mass Incarceration... 




Charla Replogle

Undergraduate Student, Charla Replogle

Intern Spotlight: Charla Replogle's Internship with Milwaukee Public Museum: For the past year and a half, Charla has been an invertebrate zoology intern where they were able to make many professional connections, learn valuable skills, and gain a greater understanding of research-based science...





Undergraduate Students, Honors in Humanity Program

The Disciplinary Honors in Humanity (HiH) program is a student-driven undergraduate research program at Marquette which allows students to develop research skills and apply their learned skills to their own research project. Dr. Kristen Foster is the director. Read the stories of a few scholars' research journeys through HiH!