Scholarship Week & Annual Symposium

Celebrating Faculty & Graduate Scholarship

Scholarship Research Week celebrates the ongoing research and creative work conducted in our college, with speakers from our full breadth of subjects, including Journalism, Media Studies, Strategic Communication, Communication Studies, Performing Arts and Digital Media.

Interviews with full-time faculty members are conducted as part of this program in order to learn about and promote their research and creative projects.

2019 Scholarship Week

On Thursday, April 25th, we will hold our annual scholarship symposium. This year, the symposium will feature an alumni address from Dr. David Brinker from 2:15 - 3:00 pm in Marquette Hall, Room 200. The symposium will then culminate with a scholarship reception. Events are open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Please check out our list of events to learn more about this year's events.

2019 Faculty Interviews

Dr. Jean Grow, Professor of Strategic Communication, discusses her research into the lack of women in advertising creative as well as gender inequities and gender biases in advertising.

Dr. Amanda Keeler, Assistant Professor of Digital Media and Performing Arts, discusses her research within the true crime genre.

Dr. Eric Waters, Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication, discusses his research into cyber bullying.

2018 Faculty Interviews

Dr. Kati Berg discusses the importance of addressing social corporate responsibility in the field of strategic communication.

Dr. Bonnie Brennen discusses a pressing issue in the journalism industry. Her recent research focused on the public's challenge of distinguishing legitimate news from propaganda, publicity and public relations.

2017 Faculty Interviews

Professor Joseph Brown discusses his documentary Operation Wolf Patrol, which is a multi-year project.

Dr. Garner examines the "cultural narratives" the press tells us about contraception.

Professor Krajec discusses her work as a costume designer and contributions to our theatre arts department.

While conducting research at the Carter Library, Dr. Steven Goldzwig had the pleasure to meet the former president.

Dr. James Pokrywczynski spent his sabbatical in Barcelona researching Olympic sponsorship.


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