Hospital Discharge Scales -- Post-Discharge Coping Difficulty Scale (PDCDS)

The POST-DISCHARGE COPING DIFFICULTY SCALE (PDCDS) is a patient self-report tool measuring difficulty with coping at home following discharge from the hospital. This is a unidimensional scale that is administered by phone typically between two and three weeks post-discharge.

There are three forms of the PDCDS for adult medical-surgical patients, parents of hospitalized children, and postpartum mothers.

  • PDCDS- Adult form: 10 items (item 6b is not included in the scoring)
  • Ped-PDCDS for parents of hospitalized children (including NICU): 11 items (includes items 10 a and 10 b; item 6b is not included in the scoring)
  • OB-PDCDS for postpartum mothers: 10 items


Items are scored on a 0 to 10 scaling format. Items 8-10 (10a and 10b in pediatric version) should be reverse scored. To obtain a total score, sum the items and divide by the number of items in the scale; the score is the mean of items and ranges from 0 to 10. We use mean of items to increase interpretability of findings when used with our other scales.


Links to English Language forms are directly below.

  • PDCDS for adult medical surgical patients
  • Ped-PDCDS for parents of hospitalized children (including NICU)
  • OB-PDCDS for postpartum mothers


Links to approved translations are also listed below.  

Permission is granted to use the scales. No modifications are permitted. Please contact the translator to inform him/her that you plan to use. Cite Dr. Marianne Weiss as author of the scale and also cite the translator in any publications. 


**Awaiting Permission               ##Translation/Study in Progress



Responsible for Translation (^^ see citations below in reference list)

 Translator email

Available on website



Jeoung Hee, Kim


Bahasa (Indonesia)


Azizah Khoiriyati



PDCDS - Adult

Yuka Sumikawa (study in progress)




Clediane Trindade




Lejian He



Ped PDCDS Parent

Gaby Stoffel



Ped PDCDS Parent

Nina Ellefsen Lindberg



Ped PDCDS Parent

Dr. Ayfer Ekim



OB-PDCDS postpartum/ New Mother

Gabriella Malagon-Maldonado



OB-PDCDS postpartum/ New Mother

Lili Wei



OB-PDCDS postpartum/ New Mother

Dr. Malgorzata Nagorska




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