Missing and Murdered Native Americans

 Monet our work pageIndependent journalist Jenni Monet reported on the extreme rate at which Indigenous women, girls, and transgender people continue to be victimized more than other Americans by violent crimes - many of which go unsolved.

Monet worked with a team of students as they researched Indigenous justice issues in the United States. 

Students helping out were Leah Harris, Jennifer Walter, Alyssa Prouty, Matthew Martinez and Aleah Ibarra.

In one story, in 2018, Monet wrote about a makeshift camp in Minnesota that was “the temporary home of an estimated 200 mostly Indigenous children, pregnant mothers, elders and others – many the offspring of first-generation urban indians lured here by government plans more than half a century ago.”

Work published to date:

Oct. 19, 2018

City camp is site of Native American homelessness, heroin … and hope, The Guardian

Nov. 17, 2018

The horrific death of a Native American woman spurs action in Congress, Los Angeles Times

Dec. 13, 2018

‘We’re human and our tears are real, Navajo Times

May 2, 2019:

A Native American woman's brutal murder could lead to a life-saving law, The Guardian

May 13, 2019: 

Advocates, Lawmakers Push to Stop Violence Against Native Women, The Takeaway