O'Brien Fellow Ashley NguyenAshley Nguyen, 2020-21 Fellow, independent

“O'Brien offered me the time and space to dig into the state of doula care and establish richer relationships with sources who can’t drop everything to talk to a journalist on a tight deadline. The doulas and midwives I spoke to are busy working in their communities to support people through birth and life. I am grateful that I was not doing this work alone: I had two interns to help me report on a broad, and at times complicated, topic.”


O'Brien Fellow James CauseyJames Causey, 2019-20 Fellow, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“The O’Brien Fellowship was a career-changing experience because it gave me the opportunity to work on a project I’ve been thinking about for years — bringing the best practices to Milwaukee to improve the lives of those in need. In the age of COVID-19 and the cries for social justice, this work could not have come at a better time.”



O'Brien Fellow Katelyn FerralKatelyn Ferral, 2019-20 Fellow, The Capital Times

“As the sole investigative reporter in my small newsroom, this community of O’Brien reporters made a huge difference for me not only in the military sexual assault project I did for the fellowship but for other work going forward. I loved being able to talk about the framing and strategies of our projects together and brainstorming the best way to tell our stories and get information.”