Katherine Lewis Headshot

An investigation by independent journalist Katherine Lewis found that large school districts invest billions of dollars on training educators on diversity, equity and inclusion, but fail to measure the impact to understand if it works to narrow academic achievement and discipline gaps nationwide. The stories appeared in USA Today. 

Marquette students Rachel Ryan and Maureen Ojiambo collaborated with Lewis on the series and related stories that appeared in U.S. News & World Report and palabra. Each student had a lead byline for their stories, which examined the affects COVID-19 had with student learning and classroom dynamics. Their stories also looked into how schools are responding to this adjustment as well as solutions for parents to navigate these obstacles. One story addressed the needs for mental health care in schools. In another story, team members reported on the lack of diversity in university architectural programs, and efforts to change that.

The USA Today stories investigated the efforts and substantial investments large public school districts are making to train educators in DEI as the gaps between academic achievement and discipline continues to trend across the nation. 

Works published to date:

December 17, 2021
Schools confront continued mental health needs

March 17, 2022
Helping students catch up on unfinished learning

January 27, 2023
A high school program in Los Angeles brings students into the changing world of architecture

September 14, 2023
Schools spend billions on training so every student can succeed. They don't know if it works.

September 14, 2023
Several organizations dominate equity-oriented training for big school districts