Bud Frankel Memorial Fellows Program

The Bud Frankel Memorial Fellows program supports Marquette University graduate students for 12 months as peacemaking research fellows. Frankel fellows work with an established peacemaking organization to put nonviolent peacemaking into practice and receive mentoring to support their personal and professional development. This is a unique applied experience in which fellows use their Marquette education to create more equitable communities where indignities and injustices are addressed rather than managed.

Summary of fellowship

Fellowship focus

Frankel fellows will be placed with and work on a project that seeks to address pressing problems that focus on one or more of the following topics:

  • Combating racism, antisemitism, religious discrimination, and/or bigotry, including through interreligious dialogue and faith-based peacemaking.
  • Increasing understanding of peacemaking and conflict resolution.
  • Advancing religious equality and coexistence among all people.
  • Promoting human rights of those who have been marginalized or oppressed, especially refugees and displaced persons.

Treat others with dignity

Fellows will model what it means to treat others with dignity and will support the creation of communities where human rights are safeguarded and basic needs are met. Hallmarks of thriving, peaceful communities include safety, equal economic opportunity, health equity, agency of community members, and education.

Formation and mentorship

Fellows will receive mentoring to support their personal and professional development. Formation topics include setting personal goals, career development, acting as a community leader, and measuring impact. Mentorship will be tailored to the fellow’s project topic and professional aspirations.

Work commitment & stipend

Frankel fellows will be placed with an organization that engages in peacemaking as an active method of working for peace. Fellows will work to create communities where the structures and relationships are in place so persons are not harmed, oppressed, or humiliated and all individuals can thrive.

The fellowship comes with a $15,000 stipend. Additional discretionary funds are available for project supplies and professional development. The following specifications apply:

  • This is a twelve-month commitment.
  • Fall and Spring: The fellow will work 18-20 hours per week on a community research project. The fellow’s graduate studies course load should not exceed 9 credit hours per semester.
  • Summer: The fellow will work 40 hours per week on a community research project.
  • The fellow will deliver a public presentation on their research project at the conclusion of the fellowship.

Apply for the fellowship

Applicants must meet the admissions standards of the Marquette University Graduate School or already be enrolled in a graduate studies program at Marquette University.

Applications are due April 8, 2024. To apply, complete the online form. Finalists will be invited to an interview following submission of their materials.

Please contact Patrick Kennelly if you have any questions about the Frankel fellowship or the application process.