Gandhi said it best: "[Nonviolence] is the greatest and the activist force in the world...It is a force which is more positive than electricity."

At the Center for Peacemaking, we believe that peacemakers are contemplative in thought and bold in action. With the right skills, no conflict is too big to resolve. Together, all dreams are possible to achieve.

Don't just take our word for it. Come experience how much fun it can be to build community and explore the power of nonviolence.

Beginner's guide to the Center for Peacemaking

Don't know where to start? Not a problem. Busy? We'll be quick. Here's a few tips from other students on how you can get the most out of the Center for Peacemaking:

  • Meet others interested in social justice and nonviolence. Plan a visit to our office or meet up with other students at a Peace Studies mixer.
  • Integrate nonviolence into your studies. The peace studies major and minor pair well with a variety of other majors and minors. You'll develop valuable skills and lasting friendships along the way.
  • Participate in an immersion trip. Sign up for a domestic or international immersion experience.
  • Pursue a unique summer opportunity. Apply for a student fellowship to spend your summer working on a peacemaking project or internship.
  • Learn from world-renowned peacemakers. Attend events through the center's speaker series.
  • Looking for work? Join our team. Apply to work a few hours a week in our office or on one of our projects. We have a variety of student employment opportunities and a community research fellowship for graduate students.
  • Dive deep into your interests. Explore the books, films and resources available in the center's library.
  • Make our space your own. Use the center's student room to take a break during the day or reserve our conference room if you need a space to study or host a meeting.
  • Think beyond graduation. Explore our resources on peacemaking jobs and careers.

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