Peacemaking Jobs and Careers

Peacemaking is a way of skillfully addressing violence and building peace. In this way, peacemaking is more than a type of work—it is how you approach your life and work. Learning how to be a peacemaker can make you more effective at your job, as well as a better partner, neighbor, and community member.

Some skills included in the peacemaker’s tool set are:

  • conflict resolution
  • creative problem solving
  • critical analysis
  • effective communication
  • leading change
  • negotiation
  • persuasion
  • strategic thinking
  • understanding of economic, political, and social systems
  • understanding of one's own positionality, informed by identity and experiences

All of these skills are highly transferable and desired in applicants for a wide variety of positions.

Peacemaking careers

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Making a Living, Making a Difference

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Why pursue a peacemaking career?

In his April 18, 1959 "Address at the Youth March for Integrated Schools," Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called on youth to pursue peacemaking careers:

"Whatever career you may choose for yourself — doctor, lawyer, teacher — let me propose an avocation to be pursued along with it. Become a dedicated fighter for civil rights. Make it a central part of your life.

"It will make you a better doctor, a better lawyer, a better teacher. It will enrich your spirit as nothing else possibly can. It will give you that rare sense of nobility that can only spring from love and selflessly helping your fellow man. Make a career of humanity. Commit yourself to the noble struggle for equal rights. You will make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of your country and a finer world to live in."