What is Peace Works?

Marquette University Peace Works is a peace education program for public, parochial and alternative elementary, middle and high schools that focuses on conflict resolution, peer mediation, peace-building, social-emotional learning, and cognitive restructuring.

Program overview

Peace Works staff work directly with administrators, teachers, and students at participating schools to teach students important academic and social skills, including increasing young people's capacity to identify and resolve conflicts nonviolently.

The primary component of Peace Works is trainer-led sessions on communication skills, active listening skills, critical observation skills, mediation techniques, anger management skills, self-reflection, self-centering and problem-solving skills. These skills and capabilities are taught using games, role plays, discussion and reflection.

The secondary components of Peace Works are teacher trainings and program reviews with administrators. We have worked with schools to design and implement peer mediation and disciplinary programs that allow students to apply what they learn in Peace Works sessions.

Overall, the Peace Works program fosters positive youth development, reduces youth violence, and transforms students' interpersonal and group behaviors. As young people learn peacemaking and conflict resolution skills, they are progressively transformed. Students identify themselves as members of a peacemaking community and internalize the values and practices of peacemaking as a component of their lives. Through this personal transformation, the youth transform their schools and communities.

Bring Peace Works to your school

If you are interested in exploring if the Peace Works program will be a good fit at your school, please contact Sherri Walker at (414) 288-8445.