Marquette University Peace Works is a peace education and violence prevention program that increases young people's capacity to identify and resolve conflicts nonviolently. Peace Works utilizes a distinct model of change, foundational practices, and program components. The program is currently implemented in public, Catholic, and alternative schools.

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced new challenges to K-12 education and exacerbated others. Peace Works published a white paper on addressing student social, emotional, and mental health challenges during the pandemic and beyond. We are committed to supporting the existing and emerging needs of students, families, and educators.

The Peace Works program and teacher toolkit are implemented in partnership with area schools.

If you would like to support the growth and expansion of Peace Works, please consider making a donation online. Give the gift of Peace Works to students today.

Implementations and initiatives


Dr. Michael Duffey, then a professor of Theology at Marquette University, established the Peace Works program in 1994. Over 14 years, Duffey led program implementations at 30 sites throughout Milwaukee and trained dozens of Marquette students as facilitators.

In 2008, the newly-founded Center for Peacemaking assumed management of the program. Peace Works continues to grow with a dedicated staff of peace education specialists and through ongoing collaboration with researchers. Today, implementations occur in three main settings: public, parochial, and alternative schools.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel featured Peace Works in December 2015, CBS 58 Morning News in February 2017, and the National Catholic Reporter in March 2017.


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Assistant Director
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